Marvel: All versions of X

With the advent of Jonathan Hickman at the head of the newspapers of the X-Menthe death of characters has ceased to be a permanent threat. House of X has changed the cards on the table thanks to the resurrection protocols, but not all the mysteries concerning the deaths have been revealed.

If we look back to the distant 80s, we will find that the first version of the X-Factor team had to deal with death. The 1986 #1 was conceived as a reunion of the original 5 members of the X-Men. The only problem was Jean Grey who was not alive at the time. Actually, Avengers #263 And Fantastic Four #286 they explained the redhead’s resurrection and paved the way for the mutant warhead.

The Five

For 70 numbers, Cyclops, Marvel GirlL’Ice Man, Beast And Angel they showed why together they have always been so formidable. Even the apparent disappearance of Angelo (who then returned shortly after as Archangel) did not seem to affect the solid relationships between the members of the group. Together, these heroes overcame several devastating events for the mutants. However, after returning to the main team, they left a void to fill.

The new team

X Factor #71 of 1986 introduced the new team composed by havok, Polaris, Strong, Wolfsbane, Jamie Madrox and a surprise component, Quicksilver. This era was marked by a series of lighter adventures than that of the past. Very important was the #87, in which the Dr. Leonard Samson performs a psychological assessment of all mutants, showing readers what drives them to join the team. It was a well-crafted book that gave character to the characters and created a bond between them and the readers.

The mustache factor

Slowly but surely, X-Factor became a paramilitary unit. Some characters with a strong (and violent) character joined the team, for example Forgewho will become its leader, Mystique and even Sabretooth. The events took a dark turn with different roster changes. The only peculiarity was the inclusion of a human member in the cast, Val Cooper.

Mutant Rights Task Force

The first run of the series ended in X Factor #149, when Havok apparently died. Actually, he was catapulted into another reality, but that’s another story. In 2002 a 4-issue miniseries called simply X-Force hit the shelves, but it has very little to do with what was told before. It was about some FBI agents investigating crimes against mutants.

And then Jamie came

Madrox, series of 2004, was the true spiritual sequel of the X-Factor series. It saw the birth of the team as a detective agency. The members were Madrox, Forzuto, Wolfsbane, m., Rictor, Siryn And Layla Millerwho married Jamie Madrox.

All-New X

The most recent iteration of the series was All-New X-Factor of 2014, which presented a team of heroes under the leadership of Serval Industries. Polaris and Quicksilver joined forces with Gambit, danger, Warlocks And cypher. It seems that the purpose of Harrison Snowthe team leader, was to annihilate theAlchemax. And to enlist every superhero on Earth to stand up for him.

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Marvel: All versions of X-Factor