Maxibon: social and influencer campaign for the launch of the new references, with Cimiciurri | engage

Froneri has decided to rely on for the third consecutive year a bedbugsagency of IAKI Group dedicated to the Next Generation, for the launch of the new Maxibon references 2022 – Maxibons Mokaccino Crunchy, Cookie and Classic – to which an omnichannel and multigenerational strategy has been dedicated.

“We have also chosen Cimiciurri as a partner for 2022 to take care of the Maxibon social and influencer campaign – he commented Simona Mantovani, Maxibon Brand Manager -. Maxibon is in fact an iconic, cross-generational brand and the agency’s strategic approach has allowed us to address the different types of consumers with customized messages, without ever losing consistency with the brand’s values.”

To build the campaign strategy, Cimiciurri carried out an analysis through the Next Gen Lab, the group’s permanent observatory on generations, on the tastes of the different generations to address: Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X. Based on the results, the agency has decided to set the concept of the campaign on Maxigamean irreverent game format that marries the trends loved by Gen Z and Millennials – such as challenges and deployment in different teams characterized by as many moods or values ​​- and which involved a panel of 12 influencers selected on the basis of notoriety among the different generations of the public and their being “irreverent” like the Maxibon brand, among which Diletta Leotta And Christian Caccamoto cover the tastes of different generations of the public and divided into teams dedicated to individual products: Mokaccino Crunchy, Classic, Cookie Choco Chips and Waffle Blonde Caramel.

Each team challenged each other in creating and representation of a parody of a famous scene from a filmusing Maxibon as a co-star, or performed in breathtaking stunts with one limit: never drop your Maxibon. The challenges were assigned at the discretion of the Cimiciurri creative team, which assessed the type of challenge on a case-by-case basis based on the characteristics and talents of the individual influencers. The fans of the brand’s social profiles will decide the two finalist teams of the Maxigame.


The culmination of the campaign and the Maxigame will occur during the final event to be held at Aquafan in Riccione on August 3rd and which will see some of the influencers involved as protagonists.

In addition to the big influencers, 25 micro and macro influencers and 10 communities were also involved, to create buzz around the Maxigame and awareness content on new references.

For the contents on the web and for the billboards, Cimiciurri has used a particular cartoonised 3D graphic that recalls the mood of the TV commercials produced by Froneri on an international level and has made use of the collaboration of some social communities united by a strong sense of irony for the production of memes to share with the Gen Z and Millennial audience.

“In addition to the satisfaction for the collaboration with Froneri, which continues for the third year – he commented Francis MinervaAccount Manager of Cimiciurri – the 2022 campaign is particularly interesting for Cimiciurri because it allows us to enhance the skills of the agency dedicated to the various generations of the IAKI Group, also through theopening of Maxibon’s first TikTok profile. To do this, we hired a series of creators to produce content (POVs, choreographies, reactions, video memes) in line with the platform’s trends and brand values: irreverence, fun, lightness.”

Social campaign credits and Maxibon influencers:

  • Agency: Cimiciurri
  • Creative Director: Filippo Fiocchi
  • Senior Account Manager: Francesco Minerva
  • Account: Giorgia Cestariolo
  • Senior Copywriter: Valerio Lualdi
  • Copywriter: Costanza Compiano
  • Senior Art Director: Nicole Cerrone
  • Art Director: Alice Marine
  • Head of Social: Marta Monteleone

Maxibon: social and influencer campaign for the launch of the new references, with Cimiciurri | engage