Mendy wanted “every woman who came to his house to be available for sex”

The trial of Benjamin Mendy continues this Monday with the speech of the prosecutor, Timothy Cray, before the two defendants, Benjamin Mendy and Luis Saha Matturie.

It was the highly anticipated moment of this start of the trial, the speech of the prosecutor, Timothy Cray, before the two accused: Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie. Timothy Cray confessed that this story “has not much to do with football” before continuing his explanation and saying that Louis Saha Matturie (no relation to the former player) worked as Benjamin’s “assistant” Mendy to find him wives.

“The charges show that one of Mr. Saha’s duties for Mr. Mendy was to find young women and create situations where those young women could be raped and sexually assaulted,” prosecutor Timothy Cray told the court in Chester.

The hearing continues

The prosecutor did not mince his words during his introduction, according to him the two defendants showed “ruthless indifference” towards their alleged victims. Another explanation from the prosecutor, during the first moments of the hearing, Benjamin Mendy’s large villa in Cheshire would have played a role in the “takeover of their victims” because of the “isolated” nature of the mansion. Also according to the prosecutor, the women’s vulnerability was “increased” when they were at Benjamin Mendy’s home. In her words, they no longer had “access to cell phones” and the alleged victims “were also taken to rooms they believed to be locked.”

The prosecutor goes on to say that Benjamin Mendy “wanted every woman who came to his house to be available for sex.” According to him, Louis Saha shared the same state of mind. “Together, they had convinced themselves that the free and informed consent to sexual relations of the women who entered their orbits simply did not matter”, loose the prosecutor. He also explains that the two defendants claim that the alleged victims “consented” to sexual relations. “It will be the role of the jury to decide whether the women consented to have sex with the defendants,” Cray continues.

A door with a special lock

The alleged facts took place between 2018 and 2021, the prosecutor recalls that it is “a period of success” for Benjamin Mendy “where he experienced a privileged and rich lifestyle”. Before continuing: “The doors of restaurants and nightclubs were open for the player, people all wanted to be with him”. The prosecutor also asked the jurors to put all the feelings “aside” in this story, recalling that the two defendants “knew very well what they were doing”. Earlier in the hearing, Timothy Cray indicated that for the defendants, the woman was “disposable”.

The prosecutor also released images of the villa of the former defender of the France team which is located in Prestbury, a few kilometers from Manchester. It is within this mansion that all the facts alleged against Benjamin Mendy took place between 2018 and 2021. The prosecutor focused on a door which has a rather special lock. This door could only be opened from inside the room and according to Timothy Cray only one person knew how to unlock this system. According to the prosecutor who cites witnesses: “there were rapes in these rooms”. And to continue: “The victims felt locked in by this special lock.”

“Vulnerable, frightened, isolated”, these are, according to the prosecutor, the words that come up the most in the mouths of the alleged victims. Benjamin Mendy was presented this Monday morning as a “predator”. According to Timothy Cray, for both defendants, “these women were disposable: things to be used for sex, then tossed aside.”

Mendy wanted “every woman who came to his house to be available for sex”