Miss France: Sylvie Tellier caused terror to reign in the committee?

In an interview with Le Parisien, a former collaborator of Sylvie Tellier swayed on her behavior on the Miss France committee!

This is a page that will soon turn for Sylvie Tellier. A few weeks ago, the latter announced that she was going to leave the . A real surprise for his fans.

Sylvie Tellier leaves the Miss France committee

For months already, rumors claim that Sylvie Tellier was going to leave the . For her part, Alexia Laroche-Joubert had always denied these statements. However, it turns out that they are very true.

Indeed, in an Instagram video, Sylvie Tellier confided: “That’s it, it’s the big leap! I decided to leave the Miss France organizationwith a lot of emotion ».

Before adding “Because you don’t leave a society after seventeen years without memories in your head and little tremolos in your voice”. At the microphone of BFMTV, she had given more info.

The young woman revealed why she wanted to leave her place. “I am over 40 years old. I want to undertake. And I think it’s the right time.

Sylvie Tellier (Miss France) also confided to our colleagues: “I’m not telling you that I’m not a little stressed about this new life. But I am so happy to experience a new challenge »

Alexia Laroche Joubert immediately found the one who would take her place. And it is Cindy Fabre, elected Miss France 2005, who has the chance to be elected from the committee. She also spoke about this new role.

“She made terror reign”

In an interview with Parisian last August, (Miss France) gave information. First, she revealed: “I have known Alexia since my election”.

The former Miss France then continued: “We never lost sight of each other. (…) For me, she is one of the biggest TV producers in France. And then Sylvie wanted to take a step back. So in a natural way, Alexia made me this proposal ».

For her part, Sylvie Tellier had not really leaned on Cindy Fabre to replace her. “I admit that I didn’t spontaneously think of Cindy. But the fact that she is a former Miss France makes her completely legitimate in this role of representative and accompaniment of Miss France “.

If several Miss France have expressed their sadness at this departure, a former collaborator of Sylvie Tellier has swung on his behavior. She confessed that there were a lot of tensions with Alexia Laroche Joubert.

For The Parisianshe also revealed: “They are two alpha females. And with strong characters. It was therefore impossible for the cohabitation to go well ”. Christelle Gavinet gave other info.

The artistic producer within the Miss France company then underlined: “I said to myself, even before knowing that Alexia was going to resume the shows, that this was the last year for me. Because I no longer took pleasure in such a context..

Before adding: “Sylvie Tellier can’t stand not having the upper hand over a person. She pissed off a lot of people around her. Especially by making reign of terror. Not on me”.

Unexpected info. It remains to be seen whether Sylvie Tellier (Miss France) will decide to react to these statements. To be continued !

Miss France: Sylvie Tellier caused terror to reign in the committee?