Miss Universe and the parody of deconstruction

01/17/2023 – 12:04 Opinion

By Maria Rita Oubiña. Journalist

Like every year, I got ready to watch the Miss Universe pageant. The preliminary days were fun, a lot of color, beauty, brightness. The charm of seeing feminine nature in its most careful expressions. The typical costumes, the personalized capes, that each contestant presented with alleged positive messages. In some cases, refined, but no less useful.

Since the billionaire Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, a transgender businesswoman who runs a media distribution emporium, took over the Miss Universe pageant, once from the controversial Donald Trump, things seem to have changed. It changed in the sense that the iconic contest “empowerment took over.” But with that, a gattopardism occurred: everything changed so that nothing would change.

It was promised that this year, the novelties came from the hand of diversity of bodies, ages, and even the integration of pregnant women.

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In the end, the parade of beautiful women was the same as always. There was no such disruption, since the crown dispute pivoted between women who responded to already known beauty parameters, without major surprises. And I think it’s okay.

In high school philosophy, we were taught that ethics and aesthetics promoted the liberation of sensitivity as the determining foundation of human actions, as opposed to reason, which repressed said sensitivity. If we are capable of being moved or admiring a painting by Modigliani or one of Beethoven’s symphonies, we can well admire human beauty, in any of its forms. But it seems that the discourse of the current feminist movement places its ideology in the wrong place.

At the moment when the new transgender owner of the pageant said her words with a grave tone, in form and substance, she gave an awkward and unnecessary speech about the guidelines of the defense of women’s rights.

And if Anne (with a difficult and long surname), the new owner of Miss Universe, sees herself as a woman and defends women’s rights, it is not a genuine act. It is as if I perceived myself to be of African descent and felt myself a victim of apartheid. At most I can empathize, but I can’t experience what a person of color feels or felt to be discriminated against, let alone enslaved.

To complete the picture, Harnaaz Sandhu, the outgoing Miss Universe, a very special woman, who gained weight after being crowned and consequently was the victim of the most diverse criticisms in what would be called Cyberbullying, took her final walk, made a sea of tears.

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She had admitted the pain caused by the corrosive words that mostly came from the “sororas” women who DID NOT DECONSTRUCT THEMSELVES, because that is the big lie.

Harnaaz, now overweight, as if sealing her current feeling, stumbled on a walk that should have been triumphant, but she perceives that the environment continues to say one thing and think or write on the networks another.

The new figure of the outgoing miss was the subject of gossip and the reason for her tears.

So what change are we talking about?

At the end of the night, the most beautiful remained among many other beautiful ones that could have arrived.

The choice of the finalists was argued in their answers and in their social work, as if beautiful women had to justify themselves because they are beautiful and be philanthropists so as not to feel guilty.

The coronation was between the USA and Venezuela, generating a waterfall of controversies. USA won

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No one thought that Venezuela deserved it because her IQ was higher, but because they thought she was prettier… and it’s not wrong to think so, let alone say it. If after all Miss Universe is a beauty pageant.

Although the new “owner” says that she came to change everything and feminism tries to defeat entrenched constructs, which are neither good nor bad, they just are.

What would the world be without beauty? A brushstroke by Van Gogh, Anita Ekberg in Federico Fellini’s Trevi Fountain, Liz Taylor’s eyes, Vivaldi’s winter sounds… that’s beauty and it doesn’t hurt anyone, on the contrary. All forms of aesthetics have saved us.

They are drops of humanity, touching the magnificent sky of sublimity, it is magic come true, and a touch of “frivolity” is well worth it.-

Miss Universe and the parody of deconstruction – El Liberal