Montreal: A concert by rapper Freeze Corleone, accused of anti

French rapper Freeze Corleone was scheduled to perform at the Olympia Theater in Montreal on December 4.

After B’nai Brith Canada denounced the rapper’s visit, accused of anti-Semitism, the event was finally canceled, a reported the canadian newspaper The Press.

In a letter addressed to the owners of the hall, the Jewish organization had indeed requested the cancellation of the event.

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“Mr. Corleone is openly anti-Semitic and hateful,” wrote Marvin Rotrand, national director of the B’nai B’rith League for Human Rights.

In a recent interview, Rotrand recalled that Freeze Corleone had compared himself to Adolf Hitler and that his lyrics included Holocaust denier and anti-Semitic tropes.

“His lyrics are clearly anti-Semitic and incite hatred and violence against Jews,” he said. “There is Holocaust denial and expressed delight that the Holocaust happened, and clear lyrics in which he compares himself to Hitler. »

In a statement released on Monday, B’nai B’rith welcomed the cancellation of the show. The page of the event has also disappeared from the Olympia website at the request of the owner of the room, Patrick Levy.

Ticket holders have since received a message from ticketing service Ticketmaster advising them that the event has been canceled by “the organizers”.

In 2020, the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) denounced the anti-Semitism of Freeze Corleone’s texts.

The association then accused the rapper of “anti-Semitism, conspiracy, apology for Hitler, the Third Reich and the terrorist Mollah Omar” and of “doing business with his obsession with Jews”. She repeated several reprehensible words in a short video.

In this one, we could hear the rapper pronounce in particular: “I arrive determined like Adolf in the 30s”; “Rise an empire like young Adolf, determined with great ambitions like young Adolf”; “I’m in Dakar, you’re in your center in Sion”; “Like Swiss bankers, everything for the family so that my children live like Jewish pensioners”; “Fuck a Rothschild, fuck a Rockefeller”; or even “Every day RAF (nothing to give a damn) of the Shoah”.

“Impunity must end. We ask all partner actors to take their responsibilities, ”tweeted the Licra, which had called on the distributors of its music (Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music) to act.

On September 17, 2020, after the report made by the interministerial delegate for the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hatred Frédéric Potier, the Paris prosecutor’s office announced that it was opening “an investigation into various video clips and songs by Freeze Corleone on the counts of incitement to racial hatred and racially slur”. The next day, the distributor Universal announced that it would cease its collaboration with the rapper. He was released for his anti-Semitic remarks in September 2021, the facts being “prescribed”, according to justice.

Since then, in May 2021, Freeze Corleone’s album “LMF” has been certified platinum, then double platinum in March 2022.

Fnac had withdrawn the pre-order of the album from its site, without giving an explanation, which had angered its fans.

Freeze Corleone, whose real name is Issa Lorenzo Diakhaté, 30, was born in Les Lilas, in Seine-Saint-Denis. He lives in Dakar, Senegal. Its titles come out regularly on September 11 (the date is not a coincidence) and November 13 (the Paris attacks in 2015). They are experiencing considerable sales and listening numbers.

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Montreal: A concert by rapper Freeze Corleone, accused of anti-Semitism, canceled