NBA – Kevin Durant breaks the silence on the Kyrie scandal … and shocks in turn!

Mute since the birth of the soap opera Kyrie Irving against a background of anti-Semitism, Kevin Durant finally spoke on the subject this Friday. His words, however, also outraged the fans, forcing him to clarify them in stride!

His huge statistical start to the season would go almost unnoticed in the news so loaded with his franchise. Despite his averages of 32.5 points, 5.6 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 2.0 blocks per game, Kevin Durant not only fails to deliver wins for the Nets, let alone get to the top of the bill. In question: the new controversy of magnitude in which was stuffed Kyrie Irving.

Kevin Durant scandalizes with his exit on the wise Kyrie

By promoting an anti-Semitic documentary on his social networks, and by refusing for a long time to apologize for this act, Kyrie received a heavy sanction from its leaders these last hours. KD therefore could not escape questions about this news this Friday, at Brooklyn training. His first reaction, reported by Brian Lewis of NY Postwas just as controversial:

I’m not here to judge anyone or speak badly about anyone’s life or opinions. I just didn’t appreciate what happened. I found that all this was unnecessary. I think we could have just kept playing basketball and kept quiet as a team.

Words that obviously did not take long to revolt Internet users.

Indeed, in the eyes of the latter, KD suggests here that the Nets would have done better not to react to Irving’s escapades, and to focus on basketball. A version that the Slim Reaper hastened to deny on his own Twitter account a few minutes later:

I just want to clarify the statements I made earlier, because I see some people are confused.. I don’t condone hate speech or antisemitism, I always seek to spread the love . But our sport unites people, and I want to make sure that notion stays at the forefront.

Real guilty clumsiness on the part of Kevin Durant, or hidden message of support for Kyrie Irving? In any case, the star winger of the Nets had to quickly come back to his last speech, which could cost him dearly!

NBA – Kevin Durant breaks the silence on the Kyrie scandal … and shocks in turn!