Netflix premieres series by Vicente Fernández a year after his death with Jaime Camil

A few months after being broadcast The Last King: The Son of the People, unauthorized series by the Fernández family about the life of Vincentunder the production of Juan Osorio for Televisa, Netflix will release another version but he does have the support of those close to the singer, free from lawsuits or public confrontations.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, The King, Vicente Fernández, will be available through the well-known streaming platform. The story is carried out by four actors, who change depending on the age of the artist.

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The first years are carried out by Kaled Ahabfollows Sebastian Garcia, Sebastian Dante and the adult part is embodied by Jaime Camilwhom the producer Snail Television He contacted him two months before, approximately, prior to the start of recordings.

“My colleagues had more time than me to prepare, when Caracol invited me I didn’t know that he was looking for me four months before; For some reason, casting agencies in Mexico told him that he was not available, that he did not want to, I do not know what happened, but when something is for you, even if you take it off, “said the actor at a press conference.

“They talk to me two or three months before filming begins, I would have liked to have more time obviously, but that’s when you make your experience as an actor speed up the process of something that you might like to have (time),” added Camil.

Along the 36 chapters will cover the life of the Charro de Huentitánfrom his childhood in Jalisco, his needs, shortcomings, the peak point he reached as a singer, as well as the hard times he experienced after the kidnapping of his eldest son.

One of Jaime Camil’s goals was to completely distance himself from the imitation, caricature or parody that has been done to Don Chente over the years. His vision is focused on discovering the true essence of the artist, his way of being in the most intimate sphere, without masks.

“I talked a lot with Ana Gabriel, a great reference I had was her, I took many hours of her life, I asked her to tell me what she was like on tour, how she behaved, those calls helped me a lot and seeing the footage on YouTube, although there are not that many videos that we would like to see of Vicente in terms of the intimate, it helped in the rest”.

“My process that I shared with my fellow actors was to see Vicente hours and hours of images on YouTube. The series is a drama, not a comedy., spends 98 percent in intimate situations with Vicente and his family. There is a Vicente who is the one who sings and is parodied by everyone, there is the one from the movies, which is an exaggerated version, but our series lives in the intimate part, of the decisions he had to make, the obstacles in his career, the adversities he had to overcome,” said the 49-year-old actor.

The actor remembered for his work in For her I’m eva (2012) revealed that he only had an approach with Vicente at some point in his life, he did not specify which one, however, he shared that he has a good relationship with the singer’s children, Vicente Jr., Gerardo and Alejandro.

“It’s nice because it helped not to be influenced by that great figure and magnitude of what Vicente was because it allowed us as actors to come to the project with a blank canvas,” he said.

At the end of the project, Camil discovered that Vicente was very similar to his father Jaime Camil Garza, who passed away two years ago.

“There were many similarities with my father, the way he educated his children is very similar to the way my father educated me. He was a persevering guy, honorable, he grew up in extreme poverty, in all the decisions they made there was nothing to lose “..

“Vicente was very happy, very stuck up. He is an honest Vicente (the one in the series), human, who will emotionally connect with him. public, persevering, disciplined and honest”, he assured.

As for the vocal part, opera classes that he received in the past helped him to reach the original tones with which Don Chente recorded some songs, according to Camil.

“No one, nor will anyone ever have it (Vicente’s voice), but in my experience, I had the mix of music and my voice in the headphones and Vicente’s voice in a knob.

“For me it was very important to paraphrase and caress and cry the songs as Vicente did, what I did was know how to sing the vowels, the o, with u (I put them together), the a with o that were very closed vowels, I tried to get more into his paraphrasing, ”he asserted.

The Serie used more than 380 locations in Mexico and the United Stateshighlight the house where Vicente lived as a child in Real del Monte, Hidalgo; Huentitán and theaters such as the Esperanza Iris and the Blanquita; it was supplemented with 500 sets.

On the other hand, regarding the possible comparisons made between this project and that of Televisa, as well as those between Pablo Montero and Jaime Camil, the latter emphasized that he does not care.

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“The strategy is to understand that Vicente’s authorized series is the only thing we pay attention to and care about.”


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Netflix premieres series by Vicente Fernández a year after his death with Jaime Camil