New Colombian version of ‘Nos Volvimos a Ilusionar’, the song of the Argentine National Team, causes controversy

New version of ‘We got excited again’ in Colombia. Image: Getty Images.

Argentina lifted the cup at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, thus crowning itself world champion. This feat aroused different sensations around the planet and clearly, Colombia is no exception. While the ‘Celeste’ played the tournament, the group La Mosca promoted a song in honor of its players, and from the coffee land they have already replicated two versions that have generated a lot of controversy.

La Mosca’s song is titled ‘Boys, now we got excited again’, whose original version is the production entitled ‘Tonight I’m drunk’. Thus, this theme had a massive reception and managed to spread around the world, since its lyrics are very moving considering the football history of the Argentine National Team.

Meanwhile, Colombians already look favorably on the process of Professor Néstor Lorenzo, who arrived in the Colombian National Team and has already accumulated several undefeated matches in international friendlies, thus motivating the fans, who dared to cover the song, inspiring themselves. in today’s great Colombian players and even, highlighting extinct athletes such as Andrés Escobar, Miguel Calero and Freddy Rincón.

The lyrics of this Colombian version express:

“In Colombia I was born, land of the ‘Pibe’ and Radamel of the 2001 champion that I will never forget, I can’t explain it to you, because you won’t understand, they stole the “brazucas” from us and the English too, but it all ended with Luis Díaz and Carrascal, with Asprilla and Sinisterra we will win again. Partners, now we are excited again, we are going to win that cup, we are going to be world champion. And we can see Freddy in the sky, with Andrés and the Condor, encouraging James”.

Colombian version of ‘Nos Volvimos a Ilusionar’ is released

This is added to another version revealed on TikTok by the user Jpmanrrique, who resorts more to parody, since he puts Lionel Messi in the face of the weight that the Colombian league can have and several players from the national rented, which have been characterized by undisciplined at times.

The other theme reads:

“I was born in Colombia, the land of Marco Pérez, also of Wilder Medina and that of ‘Teo Gutiérrez. I’m not going to explain it to you, because you won’t understand. Messi, you won the World Cup, but you lack Betplay. The lie is over, what good is that Cup for you, if you don’t have Dayro or Johan to celebrate? Guys, with ‘Tino’ I’m getting drunk today, with Pablo Armero and ‘Bolillo’, we’re out of control”.

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La Mosca’s song highlights the story of Diego Armando Maradona and the Malvinas war, historical milestones in Argentina, in addition to the cup finals that Argentina lost and the rebirth with the Copa América Brazil 2021.

“I was born in Argentina, land of Diego and Lionel of the Malvinas kids, which I will never forget. I can’t explain it to you, because you won’t understand the finals we lost, how many years I cried for her. But that ended because in the Maracana the final with the brazucas was won again by dad, ”he highlights.

Finally, the chorus once again praises the figure of Maradona, his father and mother, who would support Messi from heaven, since they have already passed away. “Guys, now we are excited again, I want to win the third, I want to be world champion. And we can see Diego from heaven with Don Diego and La Tota encouraging Lionel”, the song points out.

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New Colombian version of ‘Nos Volvimos a Ilusionar’, the song of the Argentine National Team, causes controversy