No, Ada Colau has not said that “implementing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona” ·


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In the last hours it has gone viral a social media post in which some alleged statements by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, are collected, assuring that “imposing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona”. But it’s a hoax: The account that has published this content is supplanting the identity of El País and the statements are false.

How they supplant the identity of El País

The contents that are disseminated come from a post on Twitter for one account which supposedly belongs to El País, using your logo and name.

If we pay attention to the handle (the name that follows the @) of the account that posted this message, it can be read @LarLarMc, and not @el_pais, which is the original handle of this medium. The profile header image and description also differ, and the El País account is verified by Twitter, while the one that spreads the hoax is not. Also, doing a Google search there is no trace of these alleged statements anywhere else.

The photograph is not current either. But it was taken during the intervention of Ada Colau at a press conference on February 13, 2020 to report on the suspension of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which was to take place in Barcelona, ​​after that several companies canceled their assistance due to the coronavirus crisis.


Therefore, it’s a hoax that Ada Colau has ensured that “implementing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona”. The statements are false, and have been disseminated by an account that supplants the identity of El País.

Since It is not the first time that we see accounts that try to impersonate the identity of the media. We already explained that El País had not tweeted either that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor would have concluded that “the person behind the M.Rajoy of the Bárcenas papers” was Mariano Rajoy. In this compilation you may find several similar cases that we have denied.

Tips to differentiate a false tweet from a true one and not miss it:

  • Make sure the account you are tweeting from is what it says it is. It is possible that you will find a tweet with a handle (what goes after the @) very similar to the one in the middle that it is supplanting, but if it changes a single letter it is no longer the same.
  • Check that it is not a parody account. Sometimes, users who impersonate media claim that it is a “parody”. See if the account has explained that it is humorous content in their bio or in subsequent tweets.
  • See if the same image is always shared. If the capture of the tweet that has been forwarded to you always has the same number of likes and the same number of retweets, be suspicious.
  • How many characters does the tweet have? Twitter posts can’t be more than 280, and if it’s from before November 2017, it can’t be more than 140.

No, Ada Colau has not said that “implementing a male curfew at night can be positive for Barcelona” · – Journalism so they don’t sneak it in