No, this promotion of gift bags from a Facebook page called “Alcampo Fans” is not real ·

An alleged promotion of a Facebook page called ‘Alcampo Fans‘, for which they send a gift bag on the occasion of their 51 years. But it’s a scam: The page is not related to Alcampo, and these contents ask us to fill out a form to keep our data.

A Facebook page unrelated to Alcampo

A Facebook post of a page called Alcampo Fanswhich assures that on the occasion of his 51 years They are going to send a gift bag. “To celebrate the 51 years of @Alcampo, we send a special gift bag to all those who write “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on our PAGE before November 15. Good luck !! (sic)”, says the publication, which is accompanied of different images and share an external link.

But this account It is not related to Alcampo’s official Facebook account.and it was created on November 12, proof that we are facing a scam.

By accessing this external link, it redirects us to a page whose domain ( is not related to Alcampo (, and in which it asks us to access a different page to fill out a survey.


If we click on the link, it takes us to a page where asks us to fill out a form with our personal data. But in this case, the promotion involves a card for the H&M clothing store worth 300 euros, and there is no trace of Alcampo’s gift bags. Contents similar to those spread by this supposed promotion to win a Christmas gift bag from Primark, and they redirect to the same form.

In summary, be careful with this supposed promotion of a Facebook page called Alcampo Fans, for which he supposedly gives away a gift bag on the occasion of his 51 years. It is an attempt to phishing, the links redirect to pages that are not related to the company, and ask us for our personal data for a supposed promotion that is not related to the supermarket.

Tips to avoid being a victim of phishing

We cannot make these cases stop coming to you, but we do have a series of recommendations that you can follow when you receive a supposed alert or raffle again that uses the name of your trusted company.

  • Take a good look at the email address or account name. If you receive a message, pay attention to the email address that sent it to you, specifically what comes after the “@”. If you notice something strange, delete the email.
  • Look at the address of the web to which it redirects you. Normally these types of notifications come with a link in which they ask you to enter your data. If the url of this web page does not belong to the company that it is impersonating or is a mixture of letters, numbers and the name of that company, do not enter your data. To do this, take a good look at what appears before the last point, that is the real domain of the web page.
  • Be careful if when you try to click on the elements of the web it does not direct you to any site or asks you to verify your data.
  • Check with the sources before giving your data. These messages convey urgency so that you do not have time to react. Remember that you can ask the company itself, the Police or the Civil Guard or us through our whatsapp service

No, this promotion of gift bags from a Facebook page called “Alcampo Fans” is not real · – Periodismo so you don’t get caught