Normal person, by Manuel Álvarez

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a pre-pandemic world (that is, back in 2019), Manuel Alvarezan author from Salamanca who had published several fanzines (I do not get it, Children of Crumb and things like that) and occasionally collaborated with the magazine Thursdaybegins to publish some strips in fanternet, the digital comic section of fandogamywith the unclassifiable title of [inserte título aquí]. That same year, those strips, with a humor as fascinating as it was unclassifiable, were compiled in a physical volume for fetishists of tinkering with comics with the title The last comic ever, and made us write down this guy’s name. Already in 2020, in a world that was going a bit to shit, Manuel gets into two new jobs. On the one hand, group work Cartons Dogs (of which we talked a long time ago here), also on Fanternet, and on the other, a regular section on Thursday call Normal personwhich Fandogamia has also just released and we already have in our hands.

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Normal person introduces us to the daily life of Boo, the supposedly normal person to whom the title alludes, with fixed secondary characters: Mac, the human friend, Poopy the puppy (a clear parody of Snoopy) and Waffle the kitten (the same with Garfield). But the truth is that Bo is normally the same as me as a chicken sexer. He’s a Goofy-obsessed guy, socially awkward, has his fair share of mental and emotional issues (well, that’s where he’s closer to normal) and has some noticeable issues with bears.

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Like the compilation of deliveries of the weekly magazine that it is, Normal person is a collection of pages oneshot in the mood. There is no thematic continuity, except in the humor genre, nor plot, beyond making jokes at the expense of continuity. And the topics on which each page writes are totally unpredictable. We have black humor, slapstick humor, humor about slapstick humor, social criticism, surreal humor, pages that play with the narrative ellipses of the medium to make truly brilliant gags, and even homages/parodies of Ibáñez’s work.

Compared with his previous works such as the one mentioned The last comic ever, Manuel Alvarez He has remarkably perfected his style. The line is much clearer, and there is an aesthetic stability that it did not have in previous works. On the other hand, the screenwriter Manuel Álvarez who made us laugh more than once has become a brilliant guy. Still staying within the humor genre, he has several gags that, in addition to making us laugh (and not raise an eyebrow saying “how sharp” or “always accurate”) make it clear to us that this 26-year-old guy knows very well what he is does.

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Faced with such a young author, it would be normal to say that he has the potential to become one of the greats of national humor and a good handful of other idioms. But the truth is Manuel Alvarez He is one of the most interesting authors that has Thursday Today. What we can ask is if Normal person It has been such a fun read and as interesting as it has been, how far can this author go with a few more years of experience.

Normal person, by Manuel Álvarez – It’s time for cakes!!!