North West transforms into his dad, Kanye West, for TikTok

The eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian surprised by interpreting, in another video, a song by Taylor Swift.

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North West and Kim Kardashian (left); Chaney Jones and Kanye West (right)

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Nine-year-old North West, the eldest daughter of Kanye West (now Ye) and Kim Kardashian, is stealing headlines. Whether it’s because of her presence at Kardashian-Jenner clan events, her sense of fashion, the naturalness with which she handles herself before paparazzi or for being an active TikTok user. On this occasion, for two consecutive days, has given something to talk about for two peculiar videos who uploaded to that social network.

The first video was shared yesterday through the “Kim and North” account. In it you can see a mother and daughter, dressed in outfits black and white sports, have fun while make playback of a version speed from “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

The clip gave something to talk about on social networks due to the problems that Kanye West has had with Taylor Swift since the rapper interrupted his speech in 2009 when receiving an award for Best Female Video for “You Belong with Me.” After publicly apologizing and making amends, the controversy was revived when a nude wax figure of the singer appeared in bed, along with other personalities and the rapper himself, in the video “Famous” in 2016.

In this single, it is stated that he made Tay-Tay famous. In that occasion Kim Kardashian was also involved, who released a fragment of a phone call where West is heard asking Swift for permission to talk about her in “Famous” and made the snake emoji famous by using it to negatively refer to the singer-songwriter. Since that incident, Taylor Swift’s popularity plummeted until she resurfaced with the album “Reputation” where she was able to reverse her bad reputation and even seize the snake emoji to use it in her favor.

Before the end of 2022, the socialite revealed in an interview with IRL that his children were not aware of what was happening in the world, in relation to the controversies surrounding their father and the Kardashian clan, and that he tried to ensure that his children’s relationship with their father was as normal as possible. In a chapter of his new reality show“The Kardashians”, the businesswoman revealed that she even buys and keeps items that belonged to the rapper so that her children can have something from their father in the future.

Although several social networks did not believe this statement, seems to indicate that North is indeed unaware of his parents’ history with Taylor Swift. Or it could also be the case that Kim has decided to turn the past and forget about that old quarrel..

The second video that he uploaded to TikTok seems to confirm the ignorance of the West-Kardashians about their parents’ divorce process, which has been involved in controversy due to the statements that Ye has said on social networks. in the new clip North came out disguised as her father, while accompanied by her mother; in the background she plays “Bound 2”.

In 2013, the video for “Bound 2” became popular due to the scenes where Kim appears, topless, riding Kanye’s motorcycle. At times she hugs him and at others she appears lying down simulating a sexual act due to the movement of the vehicle. At the time they were engaged and it was one of the first times her presence would be seen in West’s creative work. It was even considered at the time, as the proof of love that existed between the couple.

Another detail that draws the attention of TikTok is the glasses that Kim Kardashian wears, which are similar to those worn by Chaney Joneswho Kanye dated for a few months in 2022. Some wonder if this is some hidden message, a parody, or just a coincidence.

Until now, The musician has not commented on the two videos that his daughter has uploaded to TikTokAlthough she has previously expressed that she does not like that she is so active on that social network or that she puts on makeup in some videos.

North West transforms into his dad, Kanye West, for TikTok