Very important victory for Olympique Lyonnais against LOSC this Sunday evening at the end of the 13th day of our Ligue 1. Laurent Blanc’s men had a very courageous match and won in the end with a score of 1 goal to 0. Even if there is still a lot of work to do, the Rhone coach is satisfied with the result and he thinks his players are on the right path. The latter, as well as Anthony Lopes and Houssem Aouar returned to the victory in a press conference after the meeting.

Laurent Blanc:

“I leave the choice of word to you. Let’s say we were lucky enough not to be trailing in the first half. The second was much more balanced. We created more chances. We were able to achieve one of these. And we took it. There is a lot of satisfaction. Lille gave us problems in the first half. Johann Lepenant made a very good entry to recover balloons. We really went for this victory. We still have to progress physically. We changed the system at the break because there were more of them in the middle. This allowed us to no longer be outnumbered. Whatever the system, it must be animated by initiatives. Let’s enjoy those times and get back to work quickly. »

“I repeat, you have to take points until November 13. We go to Marseille, we receive Nice, it’s not easy. Let’s take the maximum points. For three weeks, the club and the players have accepted many things. Even with me, we agreed not to take points in Rennes (2-3). If we were serious, we could have taken a point. I had told them during the week, do not accept any more. In Montpellier, we can kill the game, but there is still a lack of confidence. They come back to the score and we went for the three points (2-1). This change of mentality is the greatest progress of our team. »

Houssem Aouar:

“It was a committed match against a playful team. We are satisfied with the victory and with what we produced. It’s encouraging. Laurent Blanc brought serenity, calm in the locker room and confidence. He’s a great coach. »

Anthony Lopez:

“The first period was very complicated. We corrected the shot at the break. Victory feels good. We won while suffering, it’s very beneficial but it’s been two consecutive matches. But that shows that the team is gradually regaining confidence and above all it shows a strong character on our part because we lived through a very complicated first period because we did not see the light of day clearly and I think that the words and the change of system at the break meant that we were able to hold the ball a little more, put the opposing team in a little more danger and score this goal which is a lot of good. We will continue, we will move forward. Lille was full of confidence. The coach told us at the break to keep faith. We are going to rest to go back to work before the Olympico. I’m asked to be decisive so I try to do my job as best I can. »

OL – LOSC: the words of Laurent Blanc, Anthony Lopes and Houssem Aouar after the victory – Ferveur Lyonnaise