On social networks, does reality surpass parody?

WHILE ON TV satire can prolong life to a politician (think of Neri Marcor’s effect on Ignazio La Russa), a Twitter parody holds up as long as the imitated character is in sight. Then, he struggles. The Marxisti per Tabacci group, which was born decades after the fall of communism, could not stand the embrace between Bruno Tabacci, a former Christian Democrat, and the Radicals. Sometimes original and fake are equivalent: Gianni Cuperlo and the fake Gianni Kuperlo have the same followers (40,000) and the same irony. Here is Kuperlo’s bio: God is dead, Marx is dead and Renzi has definitively screwed me. Fake PD intellectual. Parody account (speaking of @Dio, the fake on Twitter, founder and CEO of the Universe, has 700,000 followers). If Cuperlo floats, Kuperlo fires the last cartridges: Salvini wants masturbation in public to become a crime again. He too wants to prevent the Pd congress. And Matteo Renzi? The unpopularity of the real Renzi also affects parodic accounts, including @RenzoMattei (80,000 followers): Nobody shits me anymore, it’s time to participate in the Big Brother VIP. Among the inimitable of the Democratic Party there is Carlo Calenda, very sporty with social embarrassments, such as that of the public invitation to colleagues of the Democratic Party for a dinner, which ended up in a joke. To those who ask him how much he weighs, he replies: Politically little, physically still a lot (94 but downhill). The parody of Ciccio Calenda is useless.

THE DIGITAL NEO-POPULISMS of Donald Trump and Matteo Salvini have relaunched Twitter at the center of political communication. The leaders bypass the external mediation of the newspapers and the internal one of the parties. Citizens, as followers, have the illusion of a direct relationship with the bosses, both to adore them and to mock them: with no middle ground, since the 280-character social network does not facilitate great insights. Simple sentences, juxtaposed, without hierarchy: parataxis. Thus political communication is reduced to slogans, jokes, digital bickering. Which should offer fertile ground for satire and comedy. But, in reality, often the original, the verified profile of a politician or a particularly self-centered character, is more laughable than the parody – reduced to the bad conscience of the parodied, because it lacks residual inhibitions. It works like this: there is a moment in which parody and original look alike, and sometimes the parody manages to make you laugh a little more; but then, inexorably, the original imposes itself, much more self-parodic, involuntarily self-ironic.

THE BIMBOMINKIA EFFECT can explain this paradox. The bimbominkia the stupid teenager, who fiddles and speaks automatically, repetitively, with abbreviations. He hides in each of us, as Enrico Letta knows who in 2012, using the “k” instead of the “ch”, admitted on Twitter: Maybe I have a little bit of bimbominkia in my DNA. The more staid the public figure, the more institutional the position, the more crucial and solemn the moment, the more the risk of self-satire lurking. This is the bimbominkia effect. Don’t get carried away by the overconfidence of Twitter. Like the wine of euphoria, moderation is needed. Politically, the most interesting case is Salvini, the tough guy in the yellow-green government. On the day (September 24) of the approval of the decree on security and immigration by the Council of Ministers, Salvini twittered the hashtag of the text he renamed #DecretoSalvini – with the complicity of the ineffable premier Conte – which climbed the Twitter ranking: #Salvini Decree in ten minutes already third in Italy on Twitter! Thank you, to then rejoice: The #Salvini Decree FIRST on Twitter in Italy. Ambiguous primacy, because the algorithm equates applause and criticism. If you tweet #BigBrotherVip, the hashtag GFvip still goes up. Thus a Fantozzian commendation of the #DecretoSalvini (Come on captain, continue like this) is as good as a ruthless criticism: A politician thinks about the next elections, a statesman thinks about the next generations. You think of the hashtag ranking (by Elio_DiMaio). While the real Salvini rejoiced over his personal hashtag in the rankings, Twitter suspended an openly parodic profile of Salvini, @matteosalvimimi, which too many had taken as true, despite the fact that the blue dot of verified profiles was missing. For now, however, the best parody of Salvini is the automatic generator of posts on Facebook (gensav.altervista.org), which shows how repetitive a lexicon made up of hello friends, illegal immigrants, bulldozer, I won’t give up, from words to deeds, what do you think?…

SOMETIMES INTELLECTUALS on Twitter they lose the light of the intellect. the case of Diego Fusaro, an emerging and ubiquitous philosopher in bookstores, festivals, TV and social networks… Indie sovereignist, he describes himself on Twitter as follows: Independent pupil of Hegel and Marx. Beyond the right and left, against turbo-capitalism. With Olympic composure. The parody of him on Twitter Diego Fuffaro, and well written. But the egotistical bulimia of the original leaves no room for the copy, which despairs: Dear Fusaro, stop raising the bar and think of us poor fakes who have to imitate you. As a sovereign piper, Fusaro gives his best when he is a lexical strapaesano, italizing foreign words and archaicizing the Italian ones, for which Instagram is the sudden frame. When he attacked Roberto Saviano on Twitter, he seemed like a caricature of himself: And having paid his dutiful pledge to political correctness, the cosmopolitan bard hunkered up in his sumptuous New York penthouse, surrounded by his patrician ennui and surrounded by the titillating lobsters, at a sidereal distance from the vile populist plebs. The umpteenth appearance on TV pre-announced thus: Tremble, turbo-capitalists of headless surplus enjoyment!. Almost a self-parody. Fusaro uses Marx against immigrants and rainbow families, thus attacking the homosexual movement: Gender capital wants to destroy the family as an ethical-community system. He wants to create the profile of the unisex plus-joyful individual: the erotic pan-consumer. What to do? Going to the aperitif with Fusaro: categorical post-Kantian aperitif. With the inevitable phenomenology of Hegel’s spritz attached. A warm ethical-ethyl greeting.

WHAT ABOUT THE COMEDIANS? On Twitter, they don’t make great jokes. Out of avarice. Or out of sadness. Sabina Guzzanti: If the League has stolen 49 million of public money. If in self-defense, kill a burglar who enters your home. If a Northern League enters our homes, can we shoot without undergoing a trial? #Syllogism. Grassroots comedy is better, such as “The most beautiful phrases of Osho”, a free parody of the Indian guru. On social networks, where the satirical account was born, she also re-publishes photo montages for Il Tempo. Ruthless on Casalino, ex gieffino, today a powerful grillino spokesman: I name Tria because he is the one with whom I have the least bond in the House.

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On social networks, does reality surpass parody?