Original vs. Reboot

Many children’s entertainment channels these days have become nostalgic for the many fans who grew up with them,
just think of the countless reboot series of the famous Cartoon Network production company, or the reborn DuckTales series recently released by Disney for their Disney XD channel.
But no matter how many reboots are done, many of the fan opinions point in the same direction: “The original was better.”

But are we sure that this is really the case?
In this first article we will start by taking as an example one of the works that has done the most

enrage the worldwide fandom: Teen Titans GO!
This series tries to detach itself from its 2003 counterpart by becoming a de facto parody of the latter, even if parody is not the right term.

While the original Teen Titans series focused more on the superhero part of the characters, having a plot, character development and also retaining the comic parts, its version GO! it is simply a comedy in all episodes. In fact, there are many episodes in which the public is reminded, in fact, that it is a parody of the original, sometimes even making fun of the same public by referring
ia how different this reboot series is from the original one.

The team itself has undergone alterations, in order to be adapted to a comedy series, trying to avoid comparisons with the first incarnation, transforming Robin from a serious and shrewd leader into an egocentric and crybaby, Cyborg and BB from two close friends and the brute strength of the team in the “party people”, Corvina from a character with a development in the friendship factor into a person with no emotions outside of anger and Stella from an extraterrestrial eager to learn human behavior into a demented one. This was done to allow for more comic situations within the episodes and this change was also brought to the villains of the series such as Slado, as bad as he is mysterious in the 2003 version who is mentioned on occasion in the new series and never shown or Trigon, bringer of death and destruction both in the Teen Titans series and in DC-branded comics, who unlike Slado physically appears in the reboot and is a caricature of the usual sitcom father, with laughter in the background, however maintaining his evil side.

Some might see these reimaginings of the characters as an insult to the first incarnation, but instead they give a different and at times funny feel.

Now, the real problem of the reboot is not the characters themselves, since changing the character of the characters there will be different interactions between them, but the real problem is the story of our heroes. Obviously there are many episodes that manage to make you laugh, but if the episodes that actually make you laugh are many, the disappointing episodes are even more. We go from genius as the villain Control Freak who appears on the T Tower TV to show the first incarnation of the team to their GO counterpart! and threatening them that if they don’t change their humor, they too will be “rebooted” or Young Justice, especially Aqualad, who explicitly tell the team to be more serious in their superhero work, to absolute nosense, such as Silky finding herself in Mexico and gets a girlfriend (and we underline HUMAN) in Corvina who without the cloak changes her personality and changes her name to Lady Gambasus.

What is needed is a little balance in managing the comedy in the episodes, which if made solely focused on absurdity, children may also like but in the long run it begins to weigh. Let’s take Animaniacs as an example: it was a cartoon mainly for children and it was one of the most absurd, but nevertheless it managed to balance itself by leaving only the main characters absurd, or at most with some background characters, in an almost normal context. While in Teen Titans GO! the whole world that characters live in is absurd and that detracts from what the characters could offer on a humorous level.
Be that as it may, whether you love or hate Teen Titans GO!, we must acknowledge this new transposition of the program, which despite its many defects can be differentiated from what its 2003 version was, unlike some other Cartoon reboot Network, but we will talk about this in another article.

To the next chapter of Original VS Reboot

Original vs. Reboot – Chapter 1 “Teen Titans”