Pandora’s box or the medium is the message

In the same way that great inventions such as radio, television or the internet were born empty of content, this is how empty Pandora’s box was, no matter how much they say that, when it was opened, all the evils that afflict humanity came out, remaining in inside only hope. And since then, we’ve really been diligent in adding even more evils to the existing ones.

According to Greek mythology, this story goes back to the Titan Prometheus, who molded the first men from a piece of clay, to whom Athena gave life. The little invention did not please Zeus, who, as a punishment to the height of his displeasure, denied men the taming of fire, but only until Prometheus stole it from heaven and gave it to them along with with the gift of arts and sciences, thus taking his creation out of its primitive condition.

Zeus cried out to heaven (excuse me) upon learning of Prometheus’s ruse, and such was his monumental anger, that, eager for revenge, he created the woman, with the purpose that she, endowed with endless learned evils by the hand of Hermes, will lead man to his inevitable ruin. This first woman, named Pandora, found a box that, when she opened it, let out from within the evils that have tormented men ever since, leaving only hope inside, as we have said.

And now at last there is, at least in the West, a serious if debatable attempt to free women from the age-old contempt that has done so much damage not only to them but to all of humanity. It has been criminal folly to marginalize them when not to persecute them. Still, you don’t have to go to Afghanistan or Iran to see the unfortunate existence of a high incidence of mistreatment of women, as we see every day right here in the media.

The cinema was born brief, accelerated, silent and in black and white, without being aware of its enormous narrative potential. Television was nothing more than a continent without content, until the daring pioneers of the invention endowed it with attributes, some of which are still valid, starting with the newscasts whose tiresome formula is given throughout the world. But in recent times, television has become a continent brimming with new content, such as platforms.

When the seventh art became an industry

The Internet was a military invention that got out of hand. It is amazing how in such a short time it has conquered the world, making the old encyclopedias pale along the way, although, yes, without any guarantee of veracity. And let alone social networks, which are on their way to turning communication into an immense and dangerous gibberish.

Having seen what has been seen, Marshall McLuhan’s opinion that in the global village the medium is the message has not lost its validity. Especially since the seventh art became an industry, a factory like Henry Ford’s, as has also happened with painting, music, literature, fashion or television and platforms. Film libraries, art galleries and newspaper libraries are overflowing. So much so that a kind of recycling has already been put into operation that consists, just as it is done with garbage, in the use of already existing material, which it attends to by reassembly or redistribution, which becomes a variant of the miracle that consists of in endowing old garments or designs with the halo of vintage. These are repetitive times in which Spotify, Little pieces of iron and chrome, Netflix stand out, as well as in politics…, until everything seems like a graceless parody of a previous parody.

So one has to be very careful in the face of such a flood of rewriting and reinterpretation, although it is certainly not always negative, as is the case with Pandora’s box, which, as we should have seen from the start, most likely contained only hope. and life.

Pandora’s box or the medium is the message