Parody to brighten up the vintage

The humorist from Albacete Antonio Moya returns with a song, Deslomao, a parody to brighten up the harvest, which can now be seen on all platforms. The artist from Tarazona de la Mancha commented to La Tribuna de Albacete that «I have just released a song, which is a parody about the season that is hitting all of us from the province right now, about the harvest. I have taken advantage of Rosalía’s song, Despechá, which is full and I hope you like it».

The humorist indicated that «I made another song four years ago, but I left it a bit because with this pandemic we were not for parties, but this year I decided, the idea came, the inspiration. I built the lyrics about the grape harvest from the lyrics of Rosalía’s theme. Of course, I got in touch with everyone who appears in the video, also those who are behind the cameras, recording and, the truth is that everything has been very easy and very fast because they are all family and friends, who have helped me a lot. ».

The song, Deslomao said, «a parody because the truth is that we suffer from kidneys during the harvest, well, that seemed to me an ideal name for the occasion, for this song that also has a lot of comedy and was recorded a few days ago , coinciding with the start of the harvest campaign, of course. As I am from Tarazona de la Mancha, a land of wines and harvests, I know this quite well, my mother does not give me one». Deslomao, confirmed the comedian, «has two parts, with a kind of intro, which has been shot on a friend’s plot, as can be seen in the video and the rest, in a family vineyard, it could not be otherwise , it has served as a set for me, the set was already set, no props had to be set; there was the trailer, everything for the occasion and also that it stayed there, because we are in full swing».

The comedian stressed that the song is being very well received and «of course, I am very happy with the repercussion that the video is having because right now there is a great repercussion, both on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and, between the four platforms We already passed 50,000 views and it continues to grow. In addition to the repercussion, the comments from people are also very nice and, above all, I am very grateful for all this.

Although he did not want to reveal the content of the song itself, «everyone assumes, from the title, what is going on and, from here, anyone who wants to have fun, just has to listen to it and they can also follow me on my networks and, from there, you can leave me your comments, because the important thing is that you like it, that it makes you laugh and that you enjoy it, at least half as much as I do, the truth is that, I confess, I also do these things for me, because I enjoy it a lot, as has happened with this Deslomao recording, it’s all very pleasant and very funny, really».

Antonio Moya indicated that, from now on, “the first thing is to finish the harvest, which is there, we are going to enjoy the Albacete Fair, which is here too and, from here on, we will continue working on the bowls that still remain in summer, in the winter performances and, above all, that we have a normal, beautiful winter, with performances, with culture, with people wanting to have a good time, although a complicated winter is expected, for everything that is happening, even so, we are going to try to add a touch of humor, which I am sure will not hurt at all. Above all, now we are going to enjoy these remaining days of partying and Deslomao, which is pure fun for everyone».

Parody to brighten up the vintage