Parranda de Los Inocentes de La Guaira declared patrimony

The demonstration “Parranda de los Santos Inocentes de Naiguatá”, was declared cultural and intangible heritage of the state of La Guaira, by the regional government, this December 28, when celebrating more than 100 years of these cultural traditions.

The declaration was made on Calle 1 of the San Antonio neighborhood, known as Pueblo Abajo of the Naiguatá parish, by the Directorate of Culture of the Government of La Guaira, where the traditional reading of the proclamation or proclamation for the party is carried out of the Government led by Dulce María Rodríguez.

During the Parranda de los Santos Inocentes every December 28, the women install the Women’s Government in the Naiguatá parish, for more than 24 hours, where each side or party that takes over the parish is identified by red and white flags.

This cultural expression is carried out when women make a parody where they are the ones who take the reins, and make up “The Government of Women”.

Women dress as men. Some “rise up” and form the “Revolution” and others assume the “Government”. The women take Naiguatá or power in the town to vindicate the matriarchy in the middle of a great party.

The government party led by Dulce María Rodríguez, appointed its ministers, begins the festivities with a reading of a decree, referring to the evils that the people experienced, the most actions of people and who did something out of the ordinary in the parish.

“This cultural manifestation has been going on for more than 100 years, I am the second generation of the first women who started this tradition,” said María Domínguez, a member of the Parranda de Santos Inocentes de Naiguatá Foundation, and who leads the Parranda de la Revolución, in Pueblo Up in Naiguatá.

The women and their revelers toured the Pueblo Arriba and Pueblo Abajo sectors, from that moment the revelry began. Under the chorus “the street is very good” and “yellow is the color of the sun, long live peace and unity”, the women go out to do the tour.

After the tour through all of Naiguatá accompanied by the party, to the sound of the Naiguatá Sardine, they arrive at El Indio square where the two parties are concentrated, where they carry out the traditional crossing of flags and culminates in a party, where the side that wins more musicians have stolen from the other.


«When the tradition began it was impossible to see women in those things. They were only dedicated to the home. The parody serves to celebrate, but also to express our discontent with certain political or community actions”, explains María Domínguez.

It details that they seek the appointment of the Parranda de los Santos Inocentes de Naiguatá, as Intangible Heritage of Humanity before Unesco for its future international declaration.

This cultural manifestation is not rooted in the religious fact of December 28, where the Catholic Church commemorates the biblical fact of the massacre that King Herod the Great ordered to do, to all children under two years of age in search of the Child Jesus. .

It is more related to the party called “Fiesta de locos y locainas” that began in Europe, which lasted several days and those present dressed up, exchanging roles: men’s women, women’s men, children of the elderly, among others; The authorities were criticized and a game was played to elect fictitious rulers who simulated control of the region, explains Domínguez.

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