Pension reform: the day after, each camp prepares its arguments

The day after the presentation of the pension reform, the real battle begins. On the government side, the objective is now to convince the French of the need for the project. In the opposition, we will insist on the unjust and undemocratic nature, and try to weaken the possible alliance between the majority and LR.

Necessary, courageous and inevitable… In the aftermath of the presentation of the pension reformthe executive resumed his pilgrim’s stick. Emmanuel Macronduring the Council of Ministers, recalled the character ” essential and vital ” of the project. Olivier Véran, government spokesman, rejected “ the idea of ​​a massive mobilization and insisted on the determination of the majority.

“We must assume this unpopularity”

A majority which expects, despite the serenity of the facade, a hard battle against an exceptionally united union front and a left alliance which finds a way to patch things up. Sign of this new tone, the deputy of the Somme François Ruffin (LFI) succeeded in bringing together on stage, Tuesday evening in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Fabien Roussel and Marine Tondelier in particular.

We must not hide it, it is an unpopular reformadmits Maud Brégeon (Renaissance). We must accept this unpopularity. That’s also courage in politics. »

The challenge is to focus the spotlight on raising the legal age to 64, as tried to do it Elisabeth Borne, tuesday. And the head of state, who leaves his head of government in the front line, called on the ministers to be ” totally on task ” to ” respond to the concerns of the French “, explains his entourage. No question of letting adjacent anger prosper.

“We succeeded in getting the message across of the debt left to future generations, in the absence of reform. Remains the elephant in the middle of the room: the decline of the legal age…”

Bruno Le Maire, at the executive office of Renaissance on Monday and at a parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday, passed on the elements of language: “ Saving the system is saving the heritage of those who have nonereports a deputy. We have to hammer it. This is not reform for the rich. It is a reform that perpetuates a system that favors the most modest. » « We succeeded in getting the message across that the debt is left to future generations, in the absence of reformjudge another parliamentarian of the majority. There remains the elephant in the middle of the room: the decline of the legal age… »

The PLLFSSR, “rough and unprecedented maneuver”

And opponents intend to use it. ” Age will be our main argumentunderlines a framework of LFI. But we also need to explain all the pretenses and why Emmanuel Macron is illegitimate to bring this reform, when he called on left-wing voters to vote for him. in the second round of the presidential election.

Another angle of attack, the legislative vehicle chosen: the NUPES, in a press release, condemned the use of the amending Social Security finance bill (PLFSSR), ” rude and unprecedented maneuver “, to ” muzzle national representation “. The process limits the time for parliamentary debate and allows, in theory, the government to pass the measures by ordinance after 50 days, in the absence of agreement.

“If the mobilization is massive, it can crack”

In addition to assuming the parliamentary obstruction to allow time for the mobilization to swell in the street, the opposition intends to exhaust the support at LR to prevent the text from finding a majority in the Assembly. ” If the mobilization is massive, it can crack “, Considers an elected Insoumis. ” The government needs 30 to 40 votes. Our goal will be to hang up some LR and LIOT (Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories)”, adds Sébastien Chenu, spokesperson for the RN. This will be the mission of Marine Le Penwhich should lead the battle in the context of the general discussion in the Hemicycle ” to move the lines “.

The unions “give the “the”, we put ourselves in the wake”

Aware of the fragility of the movement, LFI insists on putting itself at the service of the unions. ” They give the “la”, we put ourselves in the wake “, assures a rebellious leader. ” We have the river, January 19, and the tributary, January 21, to allow young people to mobilize “, adds this elected official, who reveals that the NUPES and the inter-union must meet soon to discuss the methods of action.

The intersyndicale has set January 19 as the date of start of a powerful long-term mobilization “, affirmed the leader of the CFDT, Laurent Berger. This will be the real test. But the unions still have to agree on the call for a strike: renewable, general? ” For now, they’re trying not to create anything between them that causes divisiveness.
ion “, welcomes a rebel. Until when ?

Pension reform: the day after, each camp prepares its arguments