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“My retirement account” inaccessible for a time due to heavy traffic

Attendance at “My Retirement Account”, which allows users to simulate their retirement age or view the number of quarters contributed throughout their career, has quadrupled, causing the site to temporarily crash. All the details can be found in our article.

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Pension reform is “indispensable and vital”, insists Macron

Emmanuel Macron insisted during the Council of Ministers on the “indispensable and vital” nature of the pension reform to “preserve” the system, again reports government spokesman Olivier Véran. The Head of State “insisted on all the social advances” and called on the ministers to “mobilize” to “explain to the French very concretely” what “is going to change for them”.


“The government does not project itself into the idea of ​​a massive mobilization”

As unions and the left call for a strike day January 19, “the government does not project itself into the idea of ​​​​a massive mobilization”, indicates Olivier Véran, at the exit of the Council of Ministers. “We have come out of the consultation phase and we are entering the phase of explanation, information, discussion with the French to explain, re-explain why it is fundamental that we carry out this pension reform”, a he developed.


“The conditions must be met to avoid 49.3. »

“We consider that the conditions must be met to avoid the 49.3. If the Republicans confirm their desire to vote for the text, the majority is assured, ”assures Olivier Véran, concerning the vote on the pension reform in the National Assembly. “We want the time for parliamentary debate to be respected by everyone,” he continues.


“This project is not anti-social”, assures Véran

“Nearly 4 out of 10 workers will be able to retire before the age of 64”, suggests Olivier Véran, at the exit of the Council of Ministers. “This project of pension reform is not a quick or brutal project. It is not antisocial: the minimum pension is increased by 100 euros gross for an average of 2 million retirees, ”continues the government spokesperson. Before adding: “We ask you to inform yourself well to see if you are impacted and in what direction. »


A compulsory medical examination at age 61 for high-risk occupations

The executive wants to carry out a “prevention of professional wear and tear”. In this context, the arduousness component of the pension reform will understand for risky trades a “compulsory and systematic medical examination” at 61 with occupational medicine, making an early departure “possible”, assures government spokesman Olivier Véran. “Now, thanks to medical advice, it will be possible to leave earlier,” he said on Franceinfo. A “compulsory and systematic medical examination” will take place at the age of 61, in addition to that which already existed at the age of 45.

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An “unfair and undemocratic” reform for Nupes

The whole of the left, from the socialists to France Insoumise via the ecologists, has already called to join the first day of union mobilization against the reform, January 19. “The government wants to impose on the French a project that they are however 85% to refuse and which will penalize all employees, in particular workers and employees, by aggravating inequalities. It is unfair and undemocratic, ” castigates the Nupes in a press release.

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Medef welcomes “responsible” decisions

the Medef welcomes “the pragmatic and responsible decisions” taken by the government to reform the pension system, while remaining “opposed to the principle of a senior indexes which will oblige companies to publish the share of their older employees. “Ensuring the future of this pillar of the country’s social model, while maintaining the purchasing power of active and retired people, necessarily leads to working longer,” says the first French employers’ organization.

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How many quarters will you have to contribute?

According to pension reform project, the legal retirement age will be gradually increased from 62 to 64 years and the contribution period will increase to 43 years. In detail, workers born from the summer of 1961 must therefore prepare to change their starting plan.


And among our European neighbours?


“We are barely approaching the European average,” says Véran

With this pension reform, “we are barely approaching the European average”, observes Olivier Véran. “The choice we make is not to systematically ask to work at 66 or 67 as many of our European neighbors do,” insists the spokesperson at the microphone of Franceinfo.


Why parliamentary debates limited to 30 days?

“I would like there to be debates in the National Assembly. What I fear is that the conditions for the debate are not met”, replies Olivier Véran who quotes “Mathilde Panot or the president of the green party”.


Union mobilization “does not scare” Olivier Véran

The government spokesman insists: the executive will go through with its reform, despite the union front against the project. “Mobilization does not scare me,” sweeps Olivier Véran.


“It seems that we are not far from a favorable vote”, notes Véran

Will the pension reform be passed without a hitch? “We want to adopt it without 49.3,” insists government spokesman Olivier Véran. “It seems that we are not far from having a favorable vote. If we got the agreement of the Republicans, we would have an absolute majority,” he observes.


“To all retirees, the only risk is to see your pensions revalued”, defends Véran

Invited on France info, the government spokesman, Olivier Véran, defends the government project, assuring that “the demonstration will not make it possible to magically balance a financially unbalanced pension system”. “In ten years, if we explained to them that for lack of reform, our system can no longer hold and that pensions must be lowered urgently, these same French people would not be happy,” he continues. “To all the retirees who listen to us, the only risk is to see your pensions revalued”.

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“The effect of the postponement was very significant”, defends François Bayrou

According to François Bayrou, the postponement of the announcement of the pension reform at the start of the year has made it possible to “progress with the unions, we have taken steps forward, we have avoided the pitfall of carrying out a brutal reform cookie cutter. I was waiting for an educational approach to inform each citizen who, on the other hand, did not come, ”he said on LCI.


“I hope that there will be a lot of us on January 19 in the street,” says Berger

“What I want is for us to be very numerous January 19 in the street », Says the secretary general of the CFDT on France Inter. “The objective is to make it understood that the world of work disagrees with what has been done. We will fight against this reform and to say that there are other ways of doing things, ”he insists. Before adding: “We do not want to block the country, we want to explain that this reform is unfair for the most modest. »

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“64 years old is still no”, for the CFDT

Guest on France Inter, the general secretary of the CFDT, Lawrence Berger, criticizes an “unfair measure”. “For me, it’s still no. For all the trade unions, it’s still no. Because it is more a reform of financial balance on the backs of the workers. And among these workers, the most affected are the most modest workers,” laments the leader of the CFDT.


“The person responsible for the disorder is the president”, retorts Manuel Bompard

Asked about possible violence during demonstrations, Manuel Bompard hopes for “peaceful, determined, massive” gatherings. “The person responsible for the disorder is the president, who persists against the will of the unions, of the French”, retorts the deputy.


An “anti-social” reform, criticizes Manuel Bompard

“People who left earlier will continue to leave earlier, and everyone will leave later. It is an anti-social measure, ”criticizes the LFI deputy.


“A great social battle is coming,” warns LFI deputy Manuel Bompard

The elected official wants to build “a balance of power” with the government. “According to a survey, 80% of French people are opposed to this reform. There is a need to mobilize, the government is trying to muzzle parliamentary debate”, criticizes Manuel Bompard on the antenna of Europe 1.


“In the Assembly, a large LR majority will vote for this reform”

Invited on France Inter, the president of the group Les Républicains in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau greets a reform project which “has the architecture that [LR] had already proposed to the Senate, with attention to small pensions, attention to women”. “In the Assembly, a large LR majority will vote for this reform. I do not see how we can not vote for a reform that we have been calling for for years, ”said the elected representative on the right.


“Building a majority is within reach”, judge Le Maire

The use of 49.3 is it possible on the pension file? “I would regret if we were unable to build a majority because it is within reach,” said the Minister of the Economy, recalling the right-wing support for the reform. “Because if we take such measures, it is to go all the way,” he adds.

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1200 euros gross from September 2023

“When you have made your full career you must have 85% of the minimum wage on retirement, i.e. 1200 euros gross”, recalls Olivier Dussopt who promises that this measure will be in force from September 2023.


“Working longer is the most effective solution”, according to Le Maire

“Each euro contributed will be used entirely for the pension scheme”, once again underlined the Minister of the Economy. “Working longer is the only and most effective solution”, continues Bruno Le Maire.


“I don’t have a crystal ball” on union mobilization, sweeps Dussopt

“Our job is to convince justice and the need for this reform (…), I do not have to comment on the union mobilization”, said the Minister of Labor on RTL. “What we are presenting today corresponds to the expectations of the unions”, assures Olivier Dussopt.


“It is legitimate to change the system”, defends Le Maire

“With the compromise we are proposing, we guarantee the financial balance of the pension system, but in exchange, we all agree to work longer. It is legitimate to change the system”, defends the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, guest on France 2. And to add: “There is neither brutality, nor imbalance in what we propose. »

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“An unacceptable measure”, according to the CGT

Guest on BFMTV, the general secretary of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, castigated an “unacceptable measure. “The government’s final position is the same as the starting position despite the warnings from all the unions,” he laments. “The first day of mobilization will be against retirement at 64 and the 43 years of contributions, for the rest, we will discuss”, he continues.


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Pension reform: “This project is not anti-social”, assures Olivier Véran