Photography, zine, graphics: the 10 courses of Fruit Exhibition

On the occasion of the ninth edition of Fruit Exhibitionthe international festival and market of independent art publishing proposes 10 courses which you can sign up for.

The event will be held in Bologna on 9 September in the spaces of Dumbo, in via Camillo Casarini, in the station area. The photography, publishing, drawing workshops to learn how to create a fanzine… will instead take place on different dates. Let’s see them together.

Photography: storytelling through images

A theoretical and practical laboratory on photographic languages ​​and contaminations curated by Gianpaolo Arena. The course will take place on Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October and is divided into two parts. A theoretical part is dedicated to the analysis of the various photographic languages ​​through the study of great contemporary and past photographers, while the practical part is reserved for the construction of a story in images.

Anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of photography and put themselves to the test can register. You don’t need to be a professional photographer and you can enter with any type of digital camera. Participants will be invited to produce a coherent photographic sequencethrough photographs taken during the days of the workshop or with archive material already created.

Notebooks. Long stitch stitching and relief print

The workshop is curated by Officine Amaro and will take place on Sunday 2 October and is aimed at creating a long stitch notebook. What is it about? With a very elegant seam often used for artist’s books, notebooks and artistic stationery. For the cover, on the other hand, a linocut printed insert will be created.

The comedy of information: fake news as parody

The course, conducted by the publisher and journalist Vincenzo Sparagna, is a intensive training to design and build front page fake newsas a parody of the dominant information.
During the workshop, the radical difference between fake news functional to a parody of the dominant information and fake news that only feed systematic disinformation will be illustrated and explained.

Fanzine creation workshop

Saturday 1st October, together with Giulia Vallicelli of Compulsive Archive, the workshop for the creation of a fanzine will take place.

Starting from the idea of ​​the archive as a living material, Compulsive Archive returns the feminist and queer zines more underground than the 90s in a laboratory and performative moment. Those who participate will be invited to explore, read and select a garden of extracts, to subsequently discover their archival provenance. Upon leaving the Zine Garden, your own punk takeaway file will be composed and bound, ready to inspire new fanzines.

Observation, drawing, writing

During the workshop with the designer Stephen Ricci the participants will dedicate themselves individually to research and observation, to the sighting of something that happens before their eyes and that is important to them.

The consequence is development of narrative and visual materials collected outdoors – photographs, drawings, text notes, transcribed dialogues – will be a story written and drawn with a brush, in black and white. The narrative assembly, layout, printing, binding, stencil printing of the covers will give shape to a book built with images and stories that will have come to life in the five days of the workshop. The course will take place from Monday 26 September to Saturday 1 October.

Guerilla communication

Have you ever heard of Guerrilla communication? If the answer is yes and you want to know more the workshop with Andrea Natella (sociologist, advertiser, design fiction artist and teacher of unconventional communication) is right for you.

What will we talk about? 75 minutes, scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday 1 October, to discover the stories and practices of subvertising, pranking, fake news and alternative worlds.

letterpress workshop and typographic composition fruit exhibition 2022
Letterpress and typesetting workshop

Letterpress and typesetting workshop

On Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October Anonima Impressori will hold the letterpress and typographic composition course.

Modular alphabets are projects born in the 1930s as part of modernist experiments and in this workshop you will be able to use them to design. Participants are asked to apply their experience on materials, combining the contemporary graphic design with geometric elements.

During the workshop the possibilities of relief printing will be explored, evaluating its characteristics such as pressure, surfaces, textures and the overprinting effects of flat colors; combining the design exercise with manual practice.

Create a personal visual alphabet

This workshop will take place on Saturday 1st October and Sunday 2nd October together with the artist and designer Alberonero. Participants will create artifacts that symbolize what color and its association represent for each one.

The aim of the workshop is to create a personal visual alphabet, recognize colorsunderline the identification between the gaze that perceives and the shape of the things perceived, shift the attention from the colors to their perception through a process of perceptive transit, synthesize the relationship with what surrounds us, with places, with people and with more abstract sensations to compose an alphabet that defines what we see or do not see.

Lettering workshop

Have you ever thought of drawing letters starting from a postcard or a photograph? In this workshop you experience a creative process that will create an entire alphabet from an image and not only. At the end of the course, a real specimen of one’s character will be created.

The course will take place on Sunday 2 October with the art director Matthew Bertin.

Custom screen printed on reusable wrappers

The reuse and recycling of materials is now a necessary and only marginally applied practice. The Bee’s Wrap, literally the bee shell or more simply a waxed cloth, useful for food preservation, cuts the use of food plastic films cleanly.

The beeswax gives the towels an elasticity that allows them to be reused for a long time, as well as making them antibacterial and aseptic. The workshop, conducted by Stranedizioni, invites participants to create some bee’s wrap with custom graphics and printed on canvas. It will take place on Sunday 2 October.

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Photography, zine, graphics: the 10 courses of Fruit Exhibition