The dispute between the UdeG and the state government seems to me extremely interesting for our public life. I think it is an example of the possibilities that the production of truth has reached in the age of data and digital media.

Never before had so much been speculated and with such poor results, in soliloquies and apparent debates, the university budget. The more than three hours of the work table last Saturday between the rector Ricardo Villanueva and the deputies of the Jalisco Congress left things at the same point. Neither side will yield.

Is the governor lying? Is the rector lying? Do the deputies lie?

In order to lie, in the strict and classical sense of the concept, one must know the truth and intentionally distort it, says Jacques Derrida. Lying deliberately is not the same as ignoring the truth due to error, prejudice or simple inability. Not everything that is false, the French philosopher abounds, is attributable to a lie.

A key in this debate is “good faith”. About the position of the actors involved, there will always be doubt, are they speaking in good or bad faith? If there is bad faith, they lie. If there is good faith, they only err. But if anyone believes his own lie, knowing that it is wrong, then he is self-deceived. Lying to others characterizes traditional politics. Lying to oneself to lie to others falls into another field, that of post-truth.

Fascinating, isn’t it?


Vox Populi, Vox Dei (the voice of the people is the voice of God).

With that phrase, Elon Musk, the billionaire new owner of Twitter, decided to return Donald Trump to the platform after a poll on his account that exceeded 15 million votes. 51.8 percent voted in favor of reinstating the former President and 48.2 percent against. One of those votes in favor came from Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

That the will of the richest man in the world decide, in a parody of the democratic exercise, whether or not Trump should be on Twitter only means one thing: in the fight against hate speech, discrimination and communication degradation on the Internet, the owners of the money they send His morals, his prejudices, his ambition prevail. The State is only a container and observer that guarantees them the necessary conditions to do business. Outside of that, it gets in the way.


The delegation from Jalisco ended its tour at the COP 27 in Egypt. Due to the tone of the official statement, the World Climate Summit failed, but Jalisco triumphed.

Finally, only Senator Verónica Delgadillo attended; federal deputy Mirza Flores; Sergio Graf as international coordinator in environmental matters and Sofía Hernández, director of Transversality of Semadet.

The most relevant achievement of the delegation, judging by the diffusion made by the state communication apparatus during the summit, was the signing of the agreement for climate action with Nuevo León (meetings that could have been a zoom, the meme would say).

There are actions to transform the reality of Jalisco and actions to decorate it. The trip of our delegation, in what type is it inserted?

Show off global, go local duck. There are many pending in the State and little time to solve environmental problems to spend on candies and duty free gifts with transatlantic trips charged to the treasury.



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Post-truth, the return of Trump and Jalisco “triumphs” at COP27