Power cut: the Minister for Energy Transition reframes the Enedis spokesperson

Faced with the risk of power cuts, the tension is rising. On both sides of the political chessboard, shots of juice and booster shots fuse. Last blow to dateAgnès Pannier-Runacher claims to have been “very clear with Enedis” in the face of remarks “not quite at the level”. Tuesday, December 7 on the air BFM TVthe Minister for Energy Transition assured that she had “been forced to reframe them very directly”.

What are these words? Asked by BFMTV on Monday December 5, Enedis spokesperson Laurent Méric declared that patients at high vital risk will not be given priority in the event of load shedding this winter. In concrete terms, if the network manager is forced to carry out power outages localized, the homes of people on ventilators will not automatically be exempt.

Identified by the regional health agencies (ARS) and the prefectures, Laurent Méric nevertheless assured that the energy supplier has a “particular attention” for these patients, who will be notified two days before the cut and accompanied to find solutions.

Concern grows over the risk of power cuts

Energy instability causes legitimate concern among citizens as well as on the side of the executive. At its head, Emmanuel Macron recalled, following these remarks, that the role of the government is not to “transfer fear” but to make sure to make up for the lack. The president tried to restore calm: “Fear scenarios, not for me!”he said on his arrival in Albania for a European summit on December 6th.

The energy crisis caused by the geopolitical unrest linked to the war in Ukraine was amplified by historically low production from nuclear reactors in France. In question, the shutdown of part of the 56 reactors available for maintenance.

The “fear scenarios”

A month ago, more than half of the fleet was shut down. Today, 12 reactors have been put back into operation and EDF expects to have 46 of them on January 1. More pessimistic, the RTE electricity transmission network estimates thatbetween 1 and 6 days of power cuts could occur this winter.

Consequently, among the crisis plan put in place in the event of tensions on the electricity network, the government could remedy it thanks to voluntary and targeted power cuts to relieve the network. Agnès Pannier-Runacher however specified in the JDD that “load shedding is the last resort!

However, the sobriety plan already seems to be bearing fruit. According to the words of the Minister for Energy Transition, thanks to joint efforts, electricity consumption decreased by 8.3%. But the alarmist reactions to these “most extreme scenarios” have caused an electric shock within the debate.

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Power cut: the Minister for Energy Transition reframes the Enedis spokesperson