Premiere Look How They Run: An Entertaining Parody of Detective Cinema

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look how they run is the new Tom George movie with Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan that hits theaters this Thursday. Meet our opinion WITHOUT SPOILERS.

Look how they run opens: an entertaining parody of detective films.
© DisneyLook how they run opens: an entertaining parody of detective films.

From this Thursday, September 22, it is available in theaters look how they run, the new film directed by Tom George and written by Mark Chappell. It is a new production of Searchlight Pictures starring Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody, Ruth Wilson, David Oyelowo, Harris Dickinson, Sian Clifford, Reece Shearsmith, and Pippa Bennett-Warner, among others. Look what we thought of this tape!

Its main premise is set in 1950s London’s West End, where there are plans for a film version of a blockbuster stage play, but it is abruptly cut short when the film’s chosen Hollywood director is murdered. Taking charge of the case, Inspector Stoppard and rookie officer Constable Stalker spring into action as they find themselves drawn into a baffling whodunit inside the glamorous and seedy underground theater, while investigating the mysterious homicide at their own peril.

The whodunit subgenre has undergone a reinvention since Agatha Christie’s arrival in the story and novel industry, making it the first success of this film in playing with her most emblematic work, The Mousetrap, where the role of each of the characters is raised from the beginning. It is there where those responsible for the film achieve a reinvention with a personal touch.

It is true that when we talk about productions about mysteries and investigations, we will not find anything new, but it manages to maintain an appeal throughout its 98 minutes in which the viewer enters a plot that has multiple layers. In addition, he makes the decision to go further than conventional feature films and opts for an action that can be absurd, but under the reality that it has an auteur stamp.

Once the central conflict of the film is generated, with the murder of the new director who is chosen to adapt on the big screen “The Mousetrap”, the gaze of the law is directed at the actors in the play. It is there that the investigators begin to dig into the lives of each one of them and reach the typical dead ends, but the formula until they find the resolution of the case has several nods to the audience, since it practically parodies the genre and invites the public to closely follow the story.

Beyond the good script choices that have been made to make the plot bearable, we have two great stars as saoirse ronan Y Sam Rockwell. Both take on the roles of people who seek to untie the knots of mystery and each of their appearances enhance the scenes. Rockwell is in a different tone than he has been seen before, but he manages to capture the needs of this film and stays on the same level. For her part, Saoirse has already embodied characters with a certain calm, this time with a more fun tint.

look how they run It is a comedy that is responsible for taking certain aspects of current cinematography with humor, through a story that does not detach itself from Agatha Christie and that is the main intention, so it will depend on the public how it will be taken, but from here we ensure that your strategy maintains full entertainment. It is neither the best of the year nor will it go down in history, but leaving a mark with your own brand is not common at this time.

Premiere Look How They Run: An Entertaining Parody of Detective Cinema