Psychology: The 10 character traits of a strong personality!

Having a strong personality is not an easy thing, especially when life is constantly testing our character. However, it is not the ordeal itself, but rather our attitude towards it that makes us unshakable. Fortunately, strength of character is something that can be learned and trained. Discover the 10 character traits of a strong personality to help you take the plunge.

Emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of psychic strength. It is impossible to have a strong mind without being able to understand and manage negative emotions and know how to use them for productive purposes. Situations and events that test your mental toughness also ultimately test your your emotional intelligence.

A person who knows his emotions

She is sure of herself

Strong personalities believe that there is indeed a connection between the way we think and our ability to succeed. A recent study by the University of Melbourne showed that confident people tend to earn higher salaries, and confident people get promoted much faster. The difference between real trust and illusory trust, which only serves to hide complexes, is quite easy to spot. The great advantage of people endowed with mental strength, compared to those who are always hesitant, is in particular the fact that they serve as an example for those around them, by making them believe in the impossible.

She knows the right time to say “no”

Faced with a situation that they do not approve of, mentally strong people would not hesitate to say “no”. Their language is free of words like “I’m not sure. and “I don’t think I can.” They say “no” with complete confidence because for them, the refusal of a commitment means taking responsibility for the commitments already made, which must be carried out.

Someone who guards their boundaries

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Mentally strong people pay close attention to their interactions with toxic people. They filter their emotions well, in order to protect themselves and keep their energy intact. When faced with a toxic person, they try to approach the situation in the most rational way possible. In control of their emotions, strong personalities don’t let emotions, such as anger and irritation, add fuel to the fire and lead to greater conflict. They try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes, in order to discover a point with the opposite side and thus resolve the problem at the origin of the confrontation.

She is not afraid of change

People with a strong mentality are flexible and adapt easily. They are aware of the paralyzing effects of the fear of change which can seriously threaten their success and happiness. Attentive to the changes looming on the horizon, they always have a plant in mind, just in case its changes materialize. It is only by accepting the change that one can look for it and discover positive sides.

Knowing how to get the best out of any situation

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Psychology: The 10 character traits of a strong personality!