Quatennens case: his wife makes new accusations of violence

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Paris (AFP) – Céline Quatennens, the wife of Adrien Quatennens, denounced Wednesday to AFP not only “a slap” but also “anger”, “crises” and “physical and psychological violence” exerted for “several years” , accusations that will further complicate the return of the LFI deputy from the North to the Assembly.

“I have suffered his anger, his crises, physical and moral violence for several years. In recent years, I have wanted a divorce three times, each time under pressure I have backtracked”, assures Céline Quatennens in a press release whose authenticity has been confirmed to AFP by her lawyer.

Adrien Quatennens’ entourage said they were surprised “that this statement comes now when for two months Céline Quatennens was heard several times and was able to say what she had to say to the investigators”. “Despite all his hearings, only the elements recognized by Adrien Quatennens were retained by the prosecution, in the context of mutual tensions”, he underlines.

This declaration “comes within the framework of an amicable divorce procedure but which is not advancing, with exorbitant demands from Mrs Quatennens in terms of financial compensation and child custody”, also notes the entourage of the deputy.

Unveiled by the Canard Enchaîné, which had reported a handrail filed by Céline Quatennens, this case caused an earthquake in mid-September in La France insoumise. Adrien Quatennens, very close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and one of the favorites to succeed him, stepped back from his post as political coordinator and has not appeared in the Assembly since.

In a long press release on September 18, the 32-year-old elected official spoke in particular of “disputes” since his wife’s announcement of his desire to divorce, specifying for example that he had “grabbed his wrist” during one of ‘they. He also admitted to having “gave him a slap”, “a year ago”, “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggression”.

“Faced with the statements of Mr. Quatennens arguing in the media + with a single slap in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness +, I cannot remain silent in the face of comments that I consider untrue”, developed Céline Quatennens in his press release.

She denounced “a very personal version” of the chosen one and assured to speak “against his will” but to “rebalance things”. “It is unpleasant to me that my husband minimizes the facts publicly by discrediting my person,” she added.


On the judicial side, Adrien Quatennens is summoned to Lille on December 13, before a prosecutor behind closed doors, as part of a procedure for prior recognition of guilt (CRPC, sometimes called “plead guilty”). He will answer only for the facts of the slap and the SMS sent after their separation “whose absence of malicious character had already been recognized”, according to his lawyer Me Jade Jousselin.

At the same time, La France insoumise, of which no member had responded to AFP’s requests at midday on Wednesday, is openly considering its return to the Palais Bourbon, without questioning the principle but by affecting the greatest caution in the way to proceed.

French deputies from LFI Manuel Bompart (left) and Adrien Quatennens (right) on May 3, 2022 in Paris BERTRAND GUAY AFP/Archives

“We are working collectively on the terms and the timetable for the return of Adrien Quatennens” to the National Assembly, Manuel Bompard, unofficial boss of the party, told AFP last week. Adrien Quatennens is no longer on sick leave and has expressed his wish to return, according to several rebellious deputies.

A return to the Assembly “now impossible”, judges on the contrary the boss of the PS Olivier Faure, a major ally of LFI within the left alliance Nupes. For Mr. Faure, “our duty is to tell” Céline Quatennens “that we welcome her words and believe her”.

“He already had no place in our hemicycle. It’s up to justice now to decide. It can’t be settled before an Insubordinate court”, tweeted Aurore Bergé, leader of the Renaissance deputies.

Green MP Sandrine Rousseau stressed on Wednesday the need to “respect and hear the voices of women”.

“Victim we believe you. Support for all victims of male violence. #QuatennensDmission”, the association Osez le féminisme tweeted on Wednesday.

“Everyone must respect the word of Céline Quatennens”, commented LFI MP Raquel Garrido on Wednesday, assuring that “the parliamentary group had never said that Adrien Quatennens needed a quick return”

Quatennens case: his wife makes new accusations of violence