Racist incident in the Assembly: Macron deplores “intolerable words”

Following a racist arrest by an RN deputy, the head of state said he was “struck” by this incident with his entourage.


“Qu they return to Africa” or “that he returns to Africa”, here is the nature of the interpellation which aroused great emotion in the National Assembly, Thursday, November 3, during the session of questions to the government. This remark, launched by the deputy of the RN Grégoire de Fournas, came to interrupt the speech of the deputy LFI Martens Bilongo who evoked “the drama of illegal immigration”. The President of the Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, decided to end the session.

At 4:55 p.m., after a few minutes of confusion, Yaël Braun-Pivet ended the session while several scheduled interventions remained, given the seriousness of the factsand of legitimate emotion » of the Assembly. Such session interruptions are extremely rare.

Emmanuel Macron is “shocked” by the “intolerable” remarks launched Thursday by Grégoire de Fournas and expresses his support for the deputy of La France insoumise Martens Bilongo “insulted”, indicated Thursday evening the entourage of the head of state. “The President is struck by these words which in the hemicycle as outside the hemicycle are intolerable. Support for the insulted parliamentarian, “said the same source.

A manipulation of La France insoumise »denounces Grégoire de Fournas

The RN group claims that the deputy for Gironde was talking about a boat » migrants mentioned in the question, and never » of Mr. Martens Bilongo, an elected official from Val-d’Oise. We are facing a manipulation of La France insoumise which seeks to distort my remarks to make me make disgusting remarks vis-à-vis a French deputy colleague of the Nation who has the same legitimacy as me on these benches »defended Grégoire de Fournas in front of the press. Marine Le Pen, for her part, denounced a “rough” controversy by the “adversaries” of the RN.

Carlos Martens Bilongo said to himself so sad » : It’s shameful to be referred to your skin color today. » Racism has no place in our democracy. »reacted Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, indicating that naturally »the office of the National Assembly should take action ». The highest collegiate body of the Assembly will meet on Friday at 2:30 p.m.

Today the extreme right showed its true face »estimated for her part the president of the rebellious group in the Assembly Mathilde Panot. We will ask for the strongest sanction, expulsion for several months » of this deputy.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon demands “the exclusion of the insulter”

The boss of LFI Jean-Luc Mélenchon claimed on Twitter the forfeiture and exclusion of the aggressor ». In the presidential camp, the Renaissance group will not sit » before a heavy sanction against the deputy RN, indicated its vice-president Sylvain Maillard. They may wear ties […], it is a deeply racist movement. Their dignity would have been to get him out. »

According to parliamentary sources, the Member concerned is liable to simple censorship »or the deprivation for one month of half of the parliamentary allowance or of a censorship with suspension »that is to say the deprivation for two months of half of the indemnity allocated to the deputy with a ban on taking part in the work of the Assembly and on reappearing at the Palais-Bourbon for a fortnight.

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Since the unprecedented election of 89 RN deputies to the Assembly, Marine Le Pen’s group had been compelled to play the notabilisation card. However, he did not avoid controversy, as when the oldest member José Gonzales immediately praised the French Algeria of his childhood on June 28, or during a recent stormy session where two deputies RN had treated the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire of cowardly » and the Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye of communitarian ».

These invectives had given rise to sanctions from the President of the National Assembly, sanctions which must also be the subject of a debate in the office of the institution.

Winegrower in the North Médoc, Grégoire de Fournas exercises his first mandate, at 37 years old. He had not made a wave so far at the Palais-Bourbon, where he sits on the Economic Affairs Committee.

Racist incident in the Assembly: Macron deplores “intolerable words”