Rai Play pays tribute to Ugo Tognazzi with the Tognazzi à la carte anthology

Exactly thirty years ago, it was October 1990, he left us Hugh Tognazzi. The RaiPlay digital platform pays tribute to him by publishing Tognazzi à la carte.

It is an anthology that traces the career of one of the most talented actors in Italian cinema. Ironic, sagacious and polemical, he was the protagonist of unforgettable films such as My friends, The federal and The Big Binge. Tognazzi to the cards tells these films and many other works of the actor. The films selected by Rai highlight a precious and hard archival work, capable of evoking, through the career of a great artist, the salient features of an entire society.

An anthology of the actor

Tognazzi à la carte consists of 52 original pieces spanning from 1954 to 1990. The actor appears in various guises. We see him engaged in funny and irreverent sketches, many of which are paired with Raymond Vianello. Some of his television appearances are also re-proposed, in historic broadcasts such as Domenica in and the intimate passions of Hugh Tognazzifootball and cooking, as well as women, of course.

The beginnings with the vaudeville magazines are remembered more than once, with the partnership, which the actor makes with Renzo Tarabusi and Giulio Scarnicci, historical theater and television authors. And then the cinema where he was directed by directors like Hugh Gregoretti and Marco Ferreri.

The vaudeville magazines

The first contribution of Tognazzi à la carte it’s titled Personal Album. It’s January 1954, television has just been born and Rai broadcasts a movie where Hugh Tognazzi tells about his first steps in the world of entertainment.

With his characteristic irony, the actor relives his life. His commitment to the amateur drama academy, attended after work, when he was an employee at the Negroni salami factory.

And then the success with the vaudeville magazines, which aroused great interest in the public of the time. Viva le donne, Paradiso per tutti and Castelli in aria are just some of the works interpreted by Hugh Tognazzi in the theatre.

Tognazzi and Vianello

We are in the mid-fifties and the actor creates a solid artistic relationship with Raymond Vianello. Tognazzi à la carte remember this lucky partnership by proposing hilarious sketches.

The two actors are not limited to pure entertainment, as in their appearance on Canzonissima where together with Marina Palombo, perform on the notes of the song Javapache by Luciano Tajoli. But they also make fun of Italian society with the parody of The Working Woman.

The first footage of Tognazzi à la carte they reproduce the surreal irony of the actor with comic contributions such as the parody of Romeo and Juliet and The Count of Monte Cristo. Then follow the parodies of television broadcasts, Leave or double and Journey in the Po valley.

The free-range chicken and A modern story – The queen bee

Very interesting are the contributions they portray Ugo Tognazi in the world of cinema. We see him on the set of The free-range chicken, episode of Hugh Gregoretti of the film Ro. Go. Pa. G. The actor and the director appear engaged in a conversation about antiques, a passion they share.

Tognazzi à la carte he does not fail to repeat the interviews given by the actor. It is 1963 and the artist participates in the Cannes Film Festival, thanks to his interpretation in A modern story- The queen bee Of Marco Ferreri.

In 1967, Hugh Tognazzi returns to the Cannes Film Festival for his starring role in The immoral Of Peter Germi. And on this occasion the actor recalls his other famous roles such as the one he played in The Monkey Woman (1964) by Marco Ferreri.

Ugo Tognazzi director

The anthology also recalls Hugh Tognazzi director, like the world premiere footage of his The nose whistle (1967), inspired by a story by Dino Buzzati. This valuable contribution mentions the actor’s involvement in The journey of G. Mastornamovie by Federico Fellininever made.

Hugh Tognazzi director is also remembered in the Domenica cinema section, within Domenica in, conducted by Pippo Baudo. The presenter introduces Evening Travellers (1979), but the film was heavily restricted by the censors. Hugh Tognazziseems very regretful and begins to provoke, diverting the discussion to political topics such as the legalization of drugs.

Tognazzi à la carte could not fail to remember the saga of Amici Miei. In a short video we see the actor during the dubbing of My Friends – Act II (1982) by Mario Monicelli.

Ugo Tognazzi is in the company of Gastone Moschin, Adolfo Celi and Renzo Montagnani, another great interpreter of Italian cinema, often forgotten.

Rai Play pays tribute to Ugo Tognazzi with the Tognazzi à la carte anthology