Rain of criticism for the “dandy” Vox Christmas ad: “It seems like a parody”

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The fashion of original videos to congratulate Christmas from the political parties it is unstoppable. There are more or less successful ones, with or without Christmas spirit, but all of them end up attracting attention on social networks and arousing hundreds of comments. Among others, these days we have seen the unfortunate version of the spot in the Lottery that the Popular Party has sharedbut also the unexpected cameo by Mariano Rajoy in the congratulations of the popular Galicians. Is now Vox who is giving a lot of play with its peculiar audiovisual postcard.

Grandfather and grandson share moments together in a typical Christmas picture, while the little one is moving the camels of the Kings so that they get closer to the portal. The actor Pepe Ruizfamous for having played Avelino in marriage scenes Y one of the last notorious signings of the Abascal partyis in charge of guiding the little one through the Christmas traditions in the video, also accessing advise you to write the letter to Their Majesties of the East although, noting, that he knows nothing about fashion video games.

That will be the only note of humor, at least intentional, in the Vox ad. The grandson wants to ask his father for a freelance share, but the grandfather convinces him that a scarf would be better. In that same line, ignoring the claims What the little one has thought of to make life easier for his parents, also convinces him not to ask for fewer guards at the hospital for his mother, but for some shoes.

“How right Pepa was”

Finally, the boy wants to know what his grandfather is asking for and he gets up from his chair to say, very dramatically, that he wants “general elections, what I want is to vote”. The scene then changes to the office of the Three Kings, where Melchor strives to open the letters and see the wishes of each child. When he reaches the protagonist’s letter and reads about the elections, he exclaims: “Another one!”, and puts it in a huge pile:

“Christmas is a time of hope, together everything is possible”, ends the Vox video, wishing happy holidays. However, a large percentage of tweeters did not find it an idyllic congratulation, far from it. In fact, it is still one of the most controversial issues on Twitter and you can read comments of all kinds. From those who confess to having believed that Franco would come out to those who thought it was a parody:

At least they have managed to get people talking about it.

Rain of criticism for the “dandy” Vox Christmas ad: “It seems like a parody”