Rain of zascas to Los Morancos for their parody of the last Shakira: “They have lost their grace”

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The Bizarrap and Shakira session It continues to play a lot days after its publication. On a musical level, it continues to crown the reproduction charts on the platforms, while in its more social facet The reactions to the puyas dedicated to Piqué continue and all that that entails. The versions and parodies have sprung up around the world and one of the latest that has gone viral is that of The Morancosalthough with mixed success among the public.

Jorge and César Cadaval have published their parody this Monday, with the exception that they wanted to get into Clara Chia’s skin and the former soccer player to give them the opportunity to respond to grievances. that’s not the attitude is the title of their version, which they have called MRNCS Sessions and in which there are also various puns: “You know that Piqué stung me and he liked what it stung. What do you want me to do? Clearly you have stung and, with me, shakiyou screwed up.”

In another of the stanzas they mention that “I don’t like what you told me, that I’m a Casio, that I’m a Twingo” in the mouth of Chía, who is played by Jorge, while César it’s pique at Bizarrap’s post and he answers: “Don’t worry, don’t complicate yourself, let her criticize you.” In a new reply, with a little worked and somewhat repetitive rhyme, she reiterates the young woman that “it’s already happening, she understands that it stings me, I’m saying it so that shit doesn’t bother me salt-pique“:

“He always danced waka waka, but now not a step takes me away. By good means I am always very good, but if you look for me in the end you will find me”, conclude Los Morancos in their umpteenth imitation of a successful song. What happens is that, at least on Twitter, the public seems not to be in the business of laughing at this last grace (and less after its chimes) and they have risen to the list of trends due to the zascas that they are dedicating to them:

However, in just over 24 hours, the video of his song on YouTube has exceeded 700,000 views and is number one in platform trends in Spaina. In addition, there you can read many other comments applauding the version. For tastes, colors.

Rain of zascas to Los Morancos for their parody of the last Shakira: “They have lost their grace”