Rain of zascas to Reyes Maroto for applauding TV3’s criticism of Madrid: “No one is going to vote for her”

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swords held high against Minister Reyes Maroto in her role as socialist candidate for Mayor of Madrid. Just over a week after the act with which Pedro Sánchez intends to launch it as head of the Madrid PSOE list on Saturday, February 4she alone has been at the center of criticism both of his political opponents as well as their potential voters. And all, to applaud the parody that they have done from TV3 of the controversial announcement of tourist promotion of the Community.

Since Polandthe famous humor program on Catalan public television, have endorsed the spot starring Vaquerizo that gave a lot of play on social networks. They have, however, showing off Madrid by pulling all the possible negative clichés: from its wines ―”I don’t even drink it dead”― to its sky with the “this shit beret”, going through the waiting lists of public health, the price of rentals or traffic jams.

An actress playing Isabel Díaz Ayuso is urging the fake Vaquerizo to tell the client things about Madrid and not to leave. He, somewhat clumsy, lists “treeless” squares, “kilometric” traffic jams, plans like “get you out of master’s degrees in a weekend at the Rey Juan Carlos” or “driving through radials that have rescued millions of all Spaniards”. He also points out that the capital stands out for “the only great monument to fascism still standing in Europe”those killed by Covid in residences or the underused Zendal hospital.

“Simply great”

Watching the clumsiness from the waiter, Ayuso comes out of hiding to tell him herself that “we have the best luxury stores, the box at the Bernabéu” and even “dumping prosecutor”, but the client confesses that she has not found “rental studios for less than 600 euros”. They then realize that “you are poor” and the president sends her “to Murcia, it’s taking a long time”, at the same time that she cuts her hand and it will take “months” for the Madrid doctors to see it:

Although Poland have been true to his style and they have done nothing more than condense the criticisms that the Madrid left has been making in general terms to make the management of the Popular Party ugly, it seems that the parody has offended many more people from Madrid because it comes from Catalonia. “Madrid, the best lifestyle if you can afford it”, they conclude in the sketch of the controversy, which Reyes Maroto liked and he shared it on his social networks:

The socialist candidate did not expect that “simply great” that she had written was going to turn against her quickly. Mayor, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeidahas mocked her when considering that she was insulting the people of Madrid “as an electoral strategy”:

But he has not been the only critic, for the deputy mayor, begona villacishas assessed that “the PSOE has never understood Madrid, what I did not expect and is outraged is that its candidate for mayor and Minister of Tourism applauds a video full of stereotypes against our city”:

Too Rita Master, a candidate for Más Madrid, wanted to distance herself from the video by going off on a tangent. Thus, she says that she does not feel represented by the “stale Madrid” of the Community’s announcement or by “that look full of prejudices from Poland“:

The Madrid tweeters have not been much more benevolent and have launched en masse to get the colors out of Reyes Maroto with comments like these:

As things continue like this, perhaps you should rectify before trying to get it to be diluted in a sea of ​​tweets, because they will remind you sooner or later.

Rain of zascas to Reyes Maroto for applauding TV3’s criticism of Madrid: “No one is going to vote for her”