Rehabilitators and alcoholics call for the immediate withdrawal of the latest government campaign: “It is disrespectful”

Government advertising campaigns continue to add controversy. However, these are no longer confined to the Ministry of Equality directed by Irene Montero. In full escalation of electricity and gas prices, the Executive has launched an insane campaign in which it makes a parody of traditional Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to brand consumers as “wasteful”something that has not been liked by all citizens, who believe that those who should cut costs are politicians, or those who suffer from addiction and who do not understand how the Government can make fun of a disease that ruins the lives of many people.

It is a lack of respect and it is trivializing addictionswhen there are tens of thousands of people who die as a result of them and hundreds of thousands who suffer them, directly or indirectly”, denounce the latter. Alcoholics Anonymous, as an organization, is non-controversial: “Our goal is to get well so we can help others get well.” However, on a personal basis, there are many who have felt offended by a campaign that “seems like a parody of José Mota” and that, in his opinion, is totally unnecessary: ​​”The campaign to reduce consumption is already done with the prices of energy“.

Why don’t they parody other groups?

Prestigious doctors who contribute to his rehabilitation join the criticism. “It’s a barbarity. They’ve had tenderness in the butt. I don’t know if they could have done it worse, but it’s hard for me to think about it,” he denounces Gabriel Rubio, head of Psychiatry at the 12 de Octubre University Hospital from Madrid. The doctor is convinced that they would never have dared to parody any other group. “They do it with Alcoholics Anonymous, because they know that they are not to protestbut it is a lack of respect for a mutual aid association that is about to turn 100 years old and that does not represent any of the values ​​that they want to show”.

In his opinion, a campaign “lacking in sensitivity” like this can only have been done by someone who is completely unaware of the meaning of Alcoholics Anonymous and what his recovery means. “It is a joke in bad taste and reflects a lack of information, because if you have the information and you laugh that way, you are a bad person“.

demand their removal

Sticking to the same arguments, UNAD, the Addiction Care Network, has already demanded the Government the immediate withdrawal of the campaign. “You cannot trivialize the personal and social situation of people who have an addiction,” insists its president, Luciano Poyato, who asks the Ministry of Ecological Transition to act with “responsibility” for not feed the stigmas that already fall on them.

Each year, UNAD cares for more than 38,000 people with addictions throughout Spain. It also offers its support to the families, whom, they say, the Executive also seems to have forgotten, since they are convinced that this “unfortunate” campaign “not only hurts the person who consumes, but also their environment closest family and social

Rehabilitators and alcoholics call for the immediate withdrawal of the latest government campaign: “It is disrespectful”