REPLAY. Olivier Becht, appointed minister: “Alsatians know they can count on me to be their spokesperson”

Following the reshuffle, Olivier Becht was appointed this Monday, July 4, 2022, Minister Delegate in charge of Foreign Trade, Attractiveness and French people living abroad of the new Borne government. To follow in the newspaper of France 3 Alsace at 7 p.m. Also on the menu, the requisitions at the Reiser trial, the rant of a farmer and an arctic wolf undergoing an MRI…

“It is an appointment that I take with great humility, reacted Olivier Becht in the newspaper of France 3 Alsace, because we are in a very special period. I measure the magnitude of the task. I was contacted last night by the Prime Minister, followed by a short message from the President of the Republic who confirmed to me the choice he had made.

The former leader of the center-right deputies “Acting together”, Olivier Becht, 46, was appointed this Monday, July 4, 2022 Minister Delegate in charge of Foreign Trade, Attractiveness and French people living abroad. Olivier Becht, who was in the same promotion of the ENA as Emmanuel Macron, is therefore part of the second government of Elisabeth Borne.

On the exit of Alsace from the Grand Est, Olivier Becht who has always declared himself in favor of it, explained that he did not change his mind. “I never change my conviction, after, today, the priority is the purchasing power of the French, the Alsatians know that they can count on me to be their spokesperson, to raise expectations. of this region but also to fight for Alsatian files with the government.”

The former mayor of Rixheim passed the steps of the Elysée this afternoon for his first council of ministers. In this municipality of Haut-Rhin, the political rise of Olivier Becht who later became vice-president of the departmental council, then deputy and minister no longer surprises anyone.

In 2008, when he was elected, Olivier Becht was 31 years old, he was the youngest mayor in Alsace. A tailor-made first mandate to make a name for yourself.

Magistrate, but also enarque, he comes from the Senghor class like a certain Emmanuel Macron… School that he criticized a lot (read the France 3 Alsace article on this subject): “The reality is that you don’t learn much at ENA. I was very, very disappointed with the schooling, like most of the members of our promotion, including Emmanuel Macron.

In the rest of the news on France 3 Alsace, the association promo Ukraine with the friendship of the elders of the 6th dragoon regiment, set up 5 vehicles bound for the Lviv region. All will leave from Port-du-Rhin to Strasbourg with medical equipment, hygiene products but also Ukrainian families who wish to return to the country. The vehicles will return with refugees on the way back.

Also in Strasbourg was held this Monday, July 4, the sixth and penultimate day of the trial of Jean-Marc Reiser tried for the assassination of Sophie Le Tan, the trial was marked today by the pleadings of the lawyers of the civil parties and by the requisitions of the prosecution.

Parquet which retains the voluntary nature of the death of Sophie Le Tan and its premeditation. The Advocate General requested life imprisonment with a security period of 22 years against the accused. This is the maximum sentence that the sexagenarian risked in this trial. The registration of Jean-Marc Reiser in the file of perpetrators of sexual and violent offenses was also required.

The question of premeditation was at the heart of the trial by Jean-Marc Reiser, which began on Monday, June 27, 2022. After five days, during which successive helmsmen close to Sophie Le Tan, former companions of Jean-Marc Reiser, investigators but also no less than eleven experts, the Advocate General Laurent Guy therefore retains the assassination.

In the newspaper of France 3 Alsace, this Monday, July 4, also follow this rant of a farmer from Schnersheim in the Bas-Rhin who is about to throw 90 tons of shallots, or about 15% of his annual harvest . If the farmer took this decision, it is because the large distribution refuses to buy his stocks from him.

In forty years in the business, this is the first time that Jean-François Vierling has come to such extremes. “Sustainable development, proximity, these are just words” laments the farmer. Despite the advertising campaigns, “supermarkets only look at prices” he said. “A young purchasing manager even told me: what interests me is the margin, I don’t give a damn about the rest!” reports Jean-François Vierling.

In our evening file, you may not have missed it, but in the golden square of Strasbourg, more and more shops are closed. Covid has been there and the crisis has accelerated e-commerce. Even if for some, it is necessary “prefer the location whatever the cost, even if the rent in these streets is 5 times more expensive than elsewhere. This is the price of visibility with millions of tourists passing through”.

However, in the wake of Spring, several clothing stores have lowered their curtains. Still tenants, independent traders remain dependent on landlords who will not lower their rents. “A rent must not exceed 10% of turnover”explains a real estate agent.

The others try to adapt, some start click and collect, others try more profitable activities. To support this commercial metamorphosis, four years ago a city center manager was appointed to the city of Strasbourg.

Having an animal undergo an MRI has been possible since very recently in Strasbourg. A veterinary practice has acquired a high magnetic field medical imaging machine. This firm now offers this examination for pets, but also sometimes for animals from animal parks.

We end this diary like every evening, with our series “a place, stories”. Tonight Stéphanie Mallauran and Bernard Stemmer take us to the Haut-Rhin, in the Guebwiller valley, to Lautenbachzell. A small village where many small animals of all kinds reside…

REPLAY. Olivier Becht, appointed minister: “Alsatians know they can count on me to be their spokesperson”