Review of El Cabronazo 1 – Freaking out in Colors. The World’s Grossest Spy Will Make Us Laugh Out Loud

Panini publishes in Spain the bastardthe last work of Rick Remender, one of the great screenwriters of today. So much so that he can afford to stop working for the big publishers and focus on his independent creations, published in Giant Generatoryour own stamp inside picture. Dark Science, Lethal Class, Low or Death or Glory These are some of his works within this label, which is now joined by El Cabronazo, an atypical comic with an undoubtedly striking title and which is a somewhat free translation of the original The Scumbag (whose more literal translation would be El Cabrón).

This comic is going to be a parody of the James Bond movieswhere the protagonist is an individual named Ernie Ray Clementine who accidentally injects himself with a serum (reminiscent of the Captain America Super Soldier) which makes him the most powerful spy in the world. But there’s a little problem. His powers are only activated when you have noble motivations and thoughts, and that’s a tricky thing when you’re a junkie, pervert, sexist, illiterate, coarse and disgustingor whose maxim in life is that the party does not stop. And now only good old Ernie can save the world from the threat of an evil organization with “very Nazi airs” (no, it’s not Specter). The good news is that you will have the help of the government agency Central Authority that will put as a partner the efficient sister mary to try to get him on the right track.

With these wickers it is clear that we are going to find the most unleashed Remender who enjoys giving Ernie’s bastard a hard time while unleashing the most blatant social criticism confronting the protagonist with an organization that is very reminiscent of the postulates of the extreme right.

Can you go lower?

The writer bases much of the appeal of the story on the personality of the protagonist, something really curious since Ernie is such a bad guy that it is impossible to empathize with him. Even so, the occurrences that come out of that mind so unbalanced that it has are still very funnyespecially when he has to act as a great Superspy with his own gadgets, which in this case are a briefcase full of drugs or sticks of dynamite used as nunchaku.

Although it is still an entertaining read, there is a small problem. The protagonists, both the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are making political rants all the time, whether they are in the middle of a negotiation, in an orgy, or in a fight that could decide the fate of the world. One and the other tell us what they think of immigration, feminism, environmentalism and other social issues while they parade through the pages of the volume trying to impose their vision of the world. At first it is something interesting that gives more depth to a light plot like the one we are reading, but it ends up becoming a bit heavy. Fortunately, to degrease we have a lot of scenes that range from the most grotesque to the most scatological (attention to the first number of the series) that do not stop getting us many smiles and some laughter.

The birth of a hero… or whatever Ernie

Also, Rick Remender is a very smart guy and always knows how to surround himself with good artists to illustrate his scripts. In this series we have had the pleasure of having a different cartoonist for each number starting with a Lewis LaRosa that sets the tone to follow and continuing with Andrew Robinson, Eric Powell, Roland Boschi and Wes Craig. They all have a similar style, which together with the work on the color of all the numbers of Moreno Dinisioallows El Cabronazo to have great graphic homogeneity despite being illustrated by so many different artists.

Sister Mary in action

The Panini edition collects the first five issues of the series (it will have a continuation) in a 152-page hardbound volume that includes the original covers (separating each number) and all the alternative covers. It also contains a prologue and an epilogue signed by Lidia Castillo. The sale price is 22 euros.

In short, we are before a story with several reading levels which allows Remender to present a plot that is both an amusing satire of spy stories and a social critique that mercilessly skins ultra-conservative ideology. That’s why It is a comic that will appeal to those who want to play the author’s game, enjoying the crazy occurrences of a protagonist who is one of the most despicable and disgusting characters that we have ever seen in cartoons, but even so, he is not without his charisma. It will be necessary to see if Remender can control his creation, since if Ernie manages to redeem himself and be a good person, he will lose what makes him special, but it is not possible to stretch the joke to infinity either. For now, I’m going to wait impatiently for the next volume since I want to keep laughing at this bastard.

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