Review of Rick and Morty 6×02

We had already forgotten what Rick and Morty Mondays felt like, but Adult Swim’s most raunchy series has returned to hbo max with its sixth season and today we have to enjoy its second episode.

After a most revealing opening episode, the series created by Dan Harmon (Community) and justin royland (Solar Opposites) recovers the routine of self-contained episodes, which does not mean that they are worse, far from it.

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This time, the episode is titled Rick: a full Mortand promises us a very crazy trip in two times with references to the world of video games and a classic action movie.

Today, at Hobby Consoles, we bring you our review of the second episode of season 6 of Rick and Mortywhich you already have available to watch on HBO Max.


The premise of the episode is simple: Rick, Morty and Summer They have gone to an arcade and, while they are there, there is an assault by a group of terrorists.

Morty gets trapped in a video game, and Rick sets out to help him escape with his consciousness intact, which is easier said than done.


Trailer for Rick and Morty season 6, which arrives at the HBO Max catalog in September

On the other hand, Summer will have to contain the terrorists who assault the arcades in what is, for us, the most hilarious segment of the episode.

Both stories will take place in parallel, although they will end up converging, as is usual in the series.


If you are a fan of Jungle Glass and have seen the movie of John McTiernan so many times that you know the lines by heart, get ready for a hilarious segment starring Summer.

Morty’s sister is going to become a kind of John McClane in a lot of references (and some changes) that will make you enjoy every moment of the chapter.

In the video game segment, we find certain similarities to the premise of Sword Art Online, given the inability of the young man to escape from the video game. However, the team of writers make sure that hooliganism prevails at all times.

The game Morty is trapped in is a nod to the one we saw years ago in the show’s second season, and includes a few nods to The Matrix Resurrections and a couple of Zack Snyder’s Justice League darts.

The thing ends up expanding with nods to one of the most iconic and picturesque scenes from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and another to Jungle Glass 3: Vengeance.

Even though our favorite part is clearly Summer’s, it is the Rick and Morty segment that will have weight in the relationship between grandfather and grandson.

Rick and Morty 6x02

Part of the events that happen in that segment are a reflection of the feelings of both characters, although they rarely let them out, especially Rick.

Although it’s an encapsulated episode, its connection to Season 2 and its pacing make it a great addition to the Season 6 repertoire, which, for now, isn’t taking its foot off the gas.

Now we have to wait again, until next Monday, to see the next crazy thing that this “adorable” grandfather and his family experience.

Review of Rick and Morty 6×02 – Rick: a full Mort, a crazy parody of an action movie gem