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Throughout the year, different events have been organized in the world of streaming. Since twitch Until YouTube, these have been remembered by fans, even becoming trends worldwide. For this reason, content creator Alec Hernández launched the ‘Rewind Hispanic 2022’which compiled in a more “cinematic” way, the moments of the year in which streams.

content creators like Ibai Llanos, AuronPlay, elDed, DjMaRiiO, Danirep, TheGrefg, ElSpreen, Rivers, ElMariana and more came together to record their scenes, and “frame” 2022. In the following note, the best scenes left by the ‘Rewind Hispanic 2022′.

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Spain against Latam for the gold

At the beginning of Rewind, you can see the “War” between Spanish and Latin American creators. The reason was the “claim” of Latin Americans for the gold that Spain stole at the time of the conquest. This joke was turned into a pirate duel, where the streamer Quakity, who closed the scene.

Jordi Wild and ‘Olvidona’

Jordi Wild appeared with his popular phrase ‘Olvidona’, in a kind of perfume commercial. Without a doubt, it is a phrase that the creator may not like because of the ending he gives the clip.

don shrimp

Another remembered moment was that of Don Camarón, where you can see Rivers with his greeting, which was made popular by the commercial he did for Snikers. Likewise, various streamers such as Juan Guarnizo, ElSpreen, Zilverk, Vicky, Rocio, Amablitz, among others.

Ibai and its events

Ibai gains prominence in this part, after several Ibais wanted to do their own event. It should be noted that the streamer has been recognized for the different activities he has done throughout the year, from ‘Give me the Pasta’ to ‘Buscando el amor’.

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Paracetamor vs Arigameplays

Quickly, the part of ‘The Evening of the Year 2’ appeared, which became the live with the most live viewers in the history of Twitch. The most outstanding moment was the fight between Paracetamor and Arigameplays, which many define as the most daring and violent. At Rewind 2022, they turned it into a fight in the style of Dragon Ball Z.

GTA, Xavineta and Porcinos FC races

The Rewind Hispano 2022 also had space to remember the GTA V races, which became popular when it brought together different streamers such as AuronPlay, Danirep, Ibai and many more.

Likewise, the ‘Xavineta’ was present at the racetrack, where gerard romero was included doing his popular ‘Haka’.

On the other hand, the Porcinos FC truck appeared, driven by djmariiowhich was ‘headed’ to Qatar to support Spain.

Squid Games for Minecraft

Squid Games for Minecraft It was one of the most memorable AuronPlay events, as it reached a large number of viewers throughout the event. It was recalled from the ‘Fail’ of manute until the final fight between Ollie and the Xocas.

Tortillaland Karmaland Dedsafio

Sticking with Minecraft, the video also showed small moments of the Dedsafío, TortillaLand 2 and Karmaland.

Auronplay and Saw

One of the highlights was the reference to the Saw Gameswhere it appeared Auronplay. This surprised many since the streamer does not usually participate in such large events in person, but he took time to record the scene.

The Grefg and Will Smith

On the other hand, TheGrefg appeared making a parody of the delivery of the ‘Esland’, however, the streamer received a slap from “Will Smith”, in the same style as the Oscars.

ElMariana, Komanche and She Hulk

The Latin American presence also had its own moment, after the appearances of ElMariana and Komanchewho were on trial against “She-Hulk”, which they parodied with a failed animation, after the criticism received in the year.

War on Reddit against France

Finally, the video closed with the war between Spanish and Latin American streamers against France in the Reddit space, which allowed one pixel to be drawn every so often. Ibai PlainsWith elDed and DJMaRiiO they were the leaders to face Shadoune, who represented the French in this video. Finally, the majority of streamers appeared to support Ibai Llanos, and even highlighted the support of the BTS fandom. It should be noted that, despite the significant participation of Rubius In this “event”, the streamer did not want to participate in the Rewind Hispanic 2022.

Rewind Hispano 2022: The best scenes from AuronPlay, Ibai, Jordi Wild, Rivers and others | Capital