ROBERTO RUSSO, HUSBAND MONICA VITTI/ “He always remained by her side”

A Today is another day the memory of the great Monica Vitticould not miss a tribute to Robert Russo, a husband who stayed by her side until the end. These are the words of Nicolette Hercules: “A person who has all my love and friendship and respect for how he respected Monica and how he loves her. He must be an example for all of us. He always stayed by her side, with discretion and respect. Monica felt this thing”.

Robert Russo was also praised by Ricky Tognazzi: “He protected her to the last. The announcement of his death asked Veltroni to have it done, out of modesty: he always took a step back”. Nicolette Hercules he then highlighted: “I’ve never seen them argue, except for a game of cards (laughs, ed). She had understood from Roberto that he was a real person”. (Update by MB)

Roberto Russo: the first film with Monica Vitti

Robert Russo and the husband of Monica Vittiwho disappeared on February 2, 2022. Before him she had been romantically linked to Michelangelo Antonioni and Carlo DiPalma. Russo, like Di Palma, also became a director after having been a machinist, electrician, operator, photographer. In 1983 Russo made his directorial debut with “Flirting”, starring Monica Vitti, who wins the award for best actress in Berlin. Despite the age difference – he was 36 at the time and she was 52 – they become a couple. Russo also directed Monica Vitti in the film “Francesca è mia” and created for Rai 2 “Qualcosa di Monica”, a program in four episodes. “In all of Monica’s characters there is a bit of her character, sometimes even of her way of thinking and acting. Monica has always worked on the scripts that were sent to tailor the character”, revealed Russo Russo, in his written testimony for “Sweet Vitti”.

Roberto Russo: alongside Monica Vitti until the end

Roberto Russo and Monica Vitti got married on September 28, 2000, with a restricted ceremony on the Capitoline Hill. The couple had no children: “A normal family, with a husband and children, scared me. And I’ve never wanted a man I only saw in the evening, at dinner. No, I’ve always looked for workmates. To share everything”, the actress confessed in an interview. Roberto Russo remained at Monica Vitti’s side during the years of her illness and until her death. “We have known each other for 47 years, in 2000… Now I have been beside her for almost 20 years and I want to deny that Monica is in a Swiss clinic, as they said: she has always been here at home in Rome with a carer and with me and she is my presence that makes the difference for the dialogue that I manage to establish with her eyes, it is not true that Monica lives isolated, out of touch with reality”, the director told al Corriere della Sera on the occasion of his wife’s birthday.


ROBERTO RUSSO, HUSBAND MONICA VITTI/ “He always remained by her side”