Roy Cuervo, the tiktoker who parodied Puebla and other states

The one born in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Roy Daniel Raven27 years old, for a few months has been making parodies with music to the States and cities of the Mexican Republic through your TikTok account, already Puebla touched him a few weeks ago.

The Mexican began making small films of some situations that were popular on social networks: “I am a content creator (…), thanks to my musical taste I try to make songs, but with parodies and comedy at the same time”, he told El Sol de Puebla.

Roy says that he really likes musical art and that’s why he started this project on his account, which has more than half a million followers: “Singing, I’ve been in musical groups, I like musical theater, I did all those kinds of shows, for a while now I decided to combine everything I know how to do and what’s coming out turned out, we’re doing well.”

The young man explains how the beginnings of making people from other cities laugh were: “When I started with the videos of the states, it was at the moment that I answered a video where IThey asked where I was from, when I told them I’m from Reynosa I told them with a series of things that only happen here and it worked, they liked it, accompanied by music and from there they asked me from other cities and I mention the typical things such as traditional foods, I read comments from citizens there, I investigate the context of what they live in each place, so that people think that I am in those places and take the parody real.”

The tiktoker shared how long it takes to make this type of content: “When I make a video I throw between four and five hours into one, because I have to investigate a lot of information about the situation or the context that I am going to parody.”

During his recordings two people can be seen singing, however, it is only him, and he talks about why someone else is added: “I am Roy Cuervo 1, it is so that people ask themselves why the number is put on 1 if there are two, I have a very long history of duplicating myself, some people They compare me to Moymoy Palaboy, and I didn’t know who they were until people told me, and I already saw and said yes we do look a bit alike, but my story goes further back. The idea of ​​duplicating myself is because I am a twin and I have always had strange contact with another person, I wanted to represent it with these videos, He passed away and now I feel that he is my complement.”

Viral video dedicated to Puebla

Roy, made a video dedicated to the Angelopolis that went viral with more than one hundred thousand reproductions, mentions characters such as “El Pelón del Centro”, Clara Patricia and the photographer Don Demetrio.

“Pray, can’t you see that I’m PIPOPE? Perfect Poblana piece, already goey tell me with another song”, is the phrase with which he begins his parody.

He also talks about typical food, popular neighborhoods like Romero Vargas, Clavijero, Heroes, San Bartolo, etc. and nearby municipalities such as Cholula and Atlixco. Daniel commented to this publishing house how the creative process was to do it.

“The one from Puebla had been asked for a long time and I hadn’t done it because I didn’t know about the place, but I have some friends who are from there and that’s the funny thing because they told me that if I wanted they would tell me things that happened there to do the video, but I inspired to make the video independently, and I was investigating, I investigated all the information and I found many things, I got into conversations that I found on social networks and verified that they were real, so little by little it was formed, “ recounts.

Its objective

The Tamaulipas has made them to more places like Matamoros, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Tlaxcala, among other sites that have been liked by people.

“I would like to reach more people so that they enjoy what I do, my goal is that people take my videos as tourist and learn about the cities and can visit them, that is more than anything the objective of this”, he concluded.

Roy Cuervo, the tiktoker who parodied Puebla and other states