Sardoche, Ponce… Is the French Twitch imploding?

news culture Sardoche, Ponce… Is the French Twitch imploding?

It’s a very strange atmosphere that reigns on Twitch at the moment. Every day, if not every hour, a new revelation or position breaks out and further divides French streaming. How did we get here ?


  • When the French Twitch opens it
  • A French exception?
  • Too nauseous an atmosphere?

When the French Twitch opens it

It’s undeniable : something is happening in the world of French streaming. Whether this is good or bad, justified or not, we feel that the lines are moving and that most streamers have decided to stop being silent. Because if today the speeches aiming to denounce such or such behavior / streamer are numerous, this has not always been the case. Until recently, French streaming players were all quite discreet. If there have been quarrels and such drama on the platform, they remained fairly localized. Everyone at home and the sheep will be well looked after!

That hasn’t stopped a few big streamers from directly attacking certain trends or colleagues. Zerator had thus spoken out against content of the type react There was a time when it was against the principle of moving to Malta to escape French taxation and certain animosities were not hidden. But all the same, a certain modesty made itself felt, especially on the most sensitive subjects. It is without a scandal that the fourth sidekick of the team of Rivenzi, Ultia and Pumice was dismissed on charges of flirting with a minor. And it was the same with the departure of one of the members of the JL team, on which only those directly concerned spoke, although it was mainly to express their dismay and disappointment.

Sardoche, Ponce… Is the French Twitch imploding?

In the end, it was rather in the shadows that the warnings and questions were organized. The many questions concerning certain participants in the last ZEvent did not find an echo among the participants publicly, or very little, because it was internally that some preferred to address the subject. Responding to the various reactions following his recent tweet, the streamer Pumice referred to his positions at the time. With others, they would have made the organization understand their disagreement with these choices. The same for the presence of sardoche on the Popcorn show, which has obviously been discussed many times internally, but much less publicly. The folder sardoche is particularly provided with in particular toxic behavior in play, past insults against many streamers, misogynistic road trips in particular and a past relationship with a minor. Suffice to say that he is regularly considered a streamer “problem”but it didn’t seem to bother the French scene, at least until a few days ago.

The example sardoche is perfect for showing the evolution of these (non-)positions. Despite popular discontent, the case of this streamer with many road trips has strangely passed under the radars of big content creators. Believing in his redemption, they were numerous to be discreet and to pass the towel on the controversies which unfortunately have not ceased. But when Kyria, who knows the guy very well since she was his girlfriend, devotes a detailed and implacable thread to the actions of the streamer, things are changing. She looks back on her past relationship with a minor and her behavior towards women in general. A testimony that speaks for itself and since the latter a number of large regulars of the platform have spoken in stream. They will no longer agree to be tied in any way to sardoche. At the same time, another speech ignited Twitter: that of Ponce concerning one of the participants of the ”Eleven All Stars”, football event organized by ”Amine”. The streamer has chosen to express his annoyance at the presence of an individual he deems (like others) to be a “great guru of harassment and misogyny”. No name has been put forward by the streamer, but it is enough to see the replies and other tweets concerning this case to suspect that it is about PFutwho is accused of many sexist jokes as well as his past relationship with a minor (which he had proudly told during the program Radio Sexe).

This exit is explained in particular by the recent context. Lately, the status of women on Twitch has been a hot topic of conversation. From this umpteenth observation, many things to keep in mind, starting with female streamer fatigue and the need for better platform and state protection, but also the responsibility that streamers also have to make Twitch a safer and more welcoming place. It is this context that prompted Pumice to speak up despite doubts, tired of seeing that nothing changes despite the general indignation aroused by the recent revelations of maghla and others. We feel in his tweet a weariness and a fed up with the fact of keeping quiet and putting on a good face publicly. The same fed up that certainly pushed Kyria to sound the alarm and others to finally speak out, whether in France or elsewhere.

A French exception?

If we often tend to say that the French have a habit of shouting, this irrepressible need to express one’s nervousness is not exclusive to France. In recent months, a real international fed up has come to turn the smooth world of Twitch upside down. If you follow American streamers a bit, maybe the names ItsSliker, Mizkif Where Trainwreck tell you something, especially since they found themselves at the heart of a several-day-long controversy that shook the North American Twitch scene.

Sardoche, Ponce… Is the French Twitch imploding?

You remember those stories of gambling being banned from Twitch following pressure on the platform from big streamers (Pokimane, Mizkif)? Perhaps you have even heard of what has, in large part, led to this situation: the extortion of hundreds of thousands of dollars by the streamer ItsSliker to his relatives and subscribers. But do you know everything that came out of this story? To make it fast, two camps were quickly built: those defending gambling on Twitch and those advocating their ban. Among the first are Trainwreck who then launches into a public quarrel with Mizkif. A quarrel that will bring up very dark things. Sexual assault, complicit silence, racist remarks… Many streamers have spoken publicly to call out Mizkit and others, leading to further accusations and “parallel debates”. Thus was born one of the biggest scandals in the streaming scene.

Sardoche, Ponce… Is the French Twitch imploding?

The fact that Twitch is a platform where everything happens live and where the slightest little phrase or uncontrolled slippage can be clipped and taken out of context clearly does not help matters. Each controversy, each speech can generate dozens of these “parallel debates” requiring a new speech and so on. This is how we end up with Pumice in TT for several days for a tweet or with a story that is gaining so much momentum in America that it caused some big streamers to move away from the platform a bit, like Pokimane. If she has not left the platform, the streamer (well known even with us) has decided to be less present on Twitch to focus on other projects and, above all, not to take part in the dramaas she calls them. It’s hard not to make the connection with what’s happening on the French side and not to wonder if some streamers will end up following his example. In any case, the first signs of fatigue are beginning to appear.

I don’t really know how to respond to people who ask me what I think of such a person, or if I’m friends with certain people. To be honest with you, at this point I’m appalled at so many things. I don’t want to be involved in anything, really. I want to be friends with my OTV friends, stream, vlog and post stuff, but the Twitch scene is too much for me.

Too nauseous an atmosphere?

Twitch seems stuck in a very strange paradox. If on the one hand, the platform has never offered such rich content and worked on such a large community, its creators seem ready to explode. The situation is more flammable than ever. Because if the different speeches are not necessarily intended to oppose different streamers, their respective communities immediately hasten to do so for them. The tweet from Pumice thus, in a way, split the French in two: on one side those “defending” the event fromAmine at all costs, and on the other those supporting the words of Pumice. And this is where another social network comes into play: Twitter.

Sardoche, Ponce… Is the French Twitch imploding?

As we said, Twitch is the ideal place to fuel controversy with clips of all kinds. And if there is a perfect place to share them, it’s Twitter, this place where the debates are limited to a few characters and therefore leave little room for nuance. It’s clear that the overall vibe on this social network isn’t helping our streaming scene. From a tweet intended to be impactful, waves of particularly violent harassment resulted, using fairly borderline remarks and even attacking people who had not said a word on the subject. In the end, isn’t it the combination of the two that makes the Twitch scene so flammable? In any case, Anthony Danielwhile reacting to this whole affair, has already expressed his desire to leave the social network to the bird in order to avoid any resulting toxicity. Does this mean that the problem is inherent to Twitter and not to a tense climate on our French Twitch scene (knowing that Youtube is going through the same tremors)? We can only hope so, but we are not immune to seeing yet another drop breaking the camel’s back and exhaust one or more streamers until abandonment…

Lately, streamers seem to feel more free to speak out on matters as taboo as they are important, and that’s a good thing. But this still has to lead to constructive discussions and that does not seem possible in the current state of things. The French scene, so smooth and usually friendly, is it destined to change? Nothing is less sure. Are these different speeches simply linked to the current context of fatigue and fed up and will they end soon? Once again, nothing is less certain. But what is undeniable is that the French Twitch scene is immersed in a strange climate, between liberation, fed up and toxicity. Something is happening and we will have to wait a few weeks to see if it will have any consequences on the latter or not.

Sardoche, Ponce… Is the French Twitch imploding?