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Russian “no” leaves nuclear non-proliferation conference without consensus

United Nations. The tenth nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference closed on Friday without an agreement after Russia vetoed a consensus statement over criticism of its seizure of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. At a time when the war in Ukraine has once again raised fears of a nuclear conflict, the international community was unable to agree on the minimum at this meeting, considered a key date for atomic disarmament efforts.


Zelensky summons the IAEA to arrive “as soon as possible” in Zaporizhia to avoid risks

International Writing. The President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, summoned the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to arrive “as soon as possible” at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant to avoid new risks such as the past these days. In his regular late-night speech, Zelensky stressed that his country’s nuclear scientists have managed to protect the plant “from the worst case scenario, which is constantly being provoked by Russian forces.” The IAEA confirmed this Friday that one of the plant’s reactors is once again connected to Ukraine’s power grid and said it hopes to send “very soon”, in a matter of days, a mission to inspect the safety of the plant on the ground.


Ukraine has sent 44 ships with one million tons of grain to 15 countries

International Writing. Ukraine has already sent 44 ships with more than a million tons of grain to 15 countries around the world and has 70 requests to load as many ships with food, according to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, detailed last night. In his usual late-night speech, Zelensky said that the goal is to reach the volume of three million tons of export by sea per month, since it is “extremely important for Africa, Asia and Europe.” “Ukraine was, is and will be one of the guarantors of world food security,” he said in his speech.


Top secret information, reason for the raid on Trump’s mansion

Miami (USA). The US Department of Justice requested the authorization of the registration of Donald Trump’s Florida home after discovering that the former president had had in that mansion and social club facing the Atlantic, and which during his term he called “the winter White House “, at least 25 “top secret” documents. This follows from the disclosure this Friday of the partially edited document sent to a federal judge detailing the reasons given by the FBI for undertaking a search of Trump’s residence on August 8, who described the raid as illegal and He added that it was a “political attack”.


Trump mocks redacted parody report online, says he did ‘nothing wrong’

Washington. Former US President Donald Trump mocked this Friday the disclosure of an edited version of the document with the reasons that justified the search of his Florida mansion with a parody posted on the social network of his property Truth Social, after assuring that he did not ” nothing bad” and that what happened is “a political attack”. Trump posted a message that reads “You left a page!” which he accompanied with the image of a mostly censored text (imitating the style of the judicial report) in which the only visible words were “Make America great again”, his slogan in the 2016 election campaign.


The oceans will have to keep waiting for a treaty to protect them

United Nations. The oceans will have to continue waiting for a treaty to protect them, after two weeks of negotiations ended this Friday at the UN without an agreement, although with the expectation that it can finally be closed soon. Well into the night in New York, the negotiators gave up and decided that more time is needed to reach this international agreement that has been under discussion since 2018. For this reason, they chose to suspend the fifth and final round of negotiations and resume it in a date yet to be determined, as announced by the president of the conference that negotiates the treaty, Rena Lee.


Sánchez guarantees Honduras his cooperation for an orderly migration

Tegucigalpa. The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, guaranteed this Friday in Honduras the support of Spain to this country in its efforts to achieve an orderly migration and assured that the task of Spanish cooperation for more than forty years will continue to have continuity. Sánchez culminated in Tegucigalpa the Latin American tour that has also taken him to Bogotá and Quito, and in the Honduran capital he held a meeting with the country’s president, Xiomara Castro, who received him with honors at the Presidential Palace together with his son and private secretary of the Presidency, Héctor Zelaya.


Parents of Ayotzinapa students will continue their search alive

Mexico City. The parents of the 43 students who disappeared 7 years and 11 months ago in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero assured this Friday that they will continue to search for their children alive until there is “objective, scientific and indubitable” evidence that they are dead, as given by made the report presented last week by the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice on the Ayotzinapa case. In a statement after the march held on the 26th of each month in the Mexican capital, they added that the report opens lines of investigation, search and criminal action “that the competent authorities must follow and exhaust.”


Petro advocates a Catatumbo that is “the capital of peace” of Colombia

Bogota. The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, led this Friday a security council in the municipality of El Tarra, in the department of Norte de Santander, from which he advocated that the troubled region of Catatumbo be “the capital of peace” and that “it doesn’t have to do with violence anymore”. Petro, who went to the region after a presidential convoy traveling as an advance party for his visit was attacked on Wednesday, lamented that “this town has undoubtedly suffered exclusion as a territory (…), it has been the victim of innumerable violences.” . EFE


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