Saulnois. “Don’t forget the lyrics”: nine maestros at Château

Who follows Nagui’s show Do not forget the lyrics (NOPLP for friends), on France 2, knows the famous maestros. These are the candidates who have accumulated the victories in this TV game whose principle is to find the lyrics of songs with holes, while singing them. Since 2007 and the start of the show, several dozen maestros have been delighting fans, having accumulated victories by the dozens and gains by the hundreds of thousands.

Nine of them will meet for a concert at the multipurpose hall of Château-Salins on Monday February 21 at 8:30 p.m. Denis Marcellin, from Marsilly, and Fannie Jouan, from Remelfing. We will also see Dorian Bedel, Geoffrey Prudhommeau, Valérie Rodono and Maureen Philibert, the eighth best maestro in the history of the show.

Not professionals

All these beautiful people meet at regular intervals for a few rounds of singing. “Following our respective appearances on the show, we have often been approached by charities. We realized that we had an audience that was very present. So we decided to do a succession of concerts, all over the place, which are independent of the show. But the production is informed of it, ”underlines Dorian Bedel. “We are not pros at all. We discovered the scene not so long ago, and many of us realized that it was cool”, notes Geoffrey Prudhommeau.

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For the good cause

The man underlined that it was also a way of getting ready for a tour in the Zeniths in the spring, this time at a much higher level of professionalism. At Château-Salins, it is a largely French-speaking repertoire that will be offered, on soundtrack and without musicians, even if some maestros do not refrain from taking the guitar or settling down at the piano.

This friendly tour, the municipality of Castelsalinoise, canvassed, was not asked to make it go through the Saulnois: “We were approached by a person who calls small towns all over France. The opportunity was good, ”says Sandrine Stock, fourth deputy mayor. She specifies that the singers will donate the benefits of the concert to the Association for Brain Tumor Research very active at the University Hospital of Nancy.

Monday, February 21 at 8:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room of Château-Salins. Places on sale at €10 in the bakeries of Château-Salins and in the town hall.

Saulnois. “Don’t forget the lyrics”: nine maestros at Château-Salins on February 21