Sébastien (Love is in the meadow): Perrine already dismissed? Why he prefers Léa…

Sébastien’s seductive image sticks to his skin. Thanks to Love is in the meadowwill this hypersensitive find the rare pearl?

For Sébastien, it’s almost time to make a choice!

As soon as the holidays are over, Karine Le Marchand is proud to introduce us the new kids of Love is in the meadow. Each time, she makes it a point of honor to motivate the troops by meticulously describing their environment. The least we can say is that the portrait of Sébastien cannot leave anyone indifferent. Nestled in the heart of the mountains, its tiny Corsican village so the way it raises its pigs could be frightening. Gold, her beautiful smile capsizes the viewers. Attention ladies, to have the chance to participate in the speed-dating stage, you have a challenge, that of sending a photo without make-up!

Not easy to turn the page

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During his confessions to Karine Le Marchand, Sébastien explains the disastrous state of his heart. When he was still living in Bastia, he started a pretty fairy tale. Alas, the latter mutates into a waking nightmare. ” I met her a little too young. Even if it was me who broke up, I didn’t necessarily take it well. » On the verge of tears, he specifies the nature ” toxic of this romance. Unable to build anything, he takes to their heels. Motivated like never before to find a soul mate, his timed exchanges with his contenders multiply. Faced with a frightened Karine Le Marchand, he selects two women who are opposites. Between the sparkling Perrin and the discreet, the current does not pass!

Sebastian confesses

Determined to present his two conquests to those around him, Sébastien takes them to his cousin’s café. After a few days away from the noise and stress, a bit of social interaction can’t hurt this trio. Very quickly, everything changes in the head of Sebastian. Faced with his loved ones, how will he manage the hyper joviality of one and the shyness of the other ?

Very quickly, he drags Léa into a corner and opens his heart to her. ” Me, I hang more with you than with her. Reassured, but modest, she will not brag about it to her competitor. Instead, with a shy smile, she’ll just tell the handsome pig farmer that she’s glad to know. Facing the cameras of Love is in the meadowSebastian takes stock of this strange evening. Do not count on him to take tweezers, it is not the kind of house. How is it that ” Perrine is more interested in my friends” what about him? And you what do you think dear readerObjeko ? Fingers crossed for the sun to settle in the long term in his life!

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