Sergio Aragonés sabotages Star Wars

Sergio Aragonés sneaks into the classic films taking advantage of the change from physical to digital recording methods made by Lucas at the end of the last century and participates in outstanding moments of the original trilogy: the destruction of the Death Star, training with Yoda and the final duel with Darth Vader; while he tries to win the love of Princess Leia and return to the real world with the always patient Mark Evanier who tries to help him in any way possible.

Today, it is quite possible that starwars be the film franchise that moves more money and more related products has brought to light. Since the premiere of the first film in 1977, the world has been inundated with merchandising, TV series, novels and yes, also many comics. Serious and canonical for the most part, but the magnum opus of george lucas It has also had parodies like this one perpetrated in 2000 by Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, taking advantage of the theatrical re-release of the digitally remastered original trilogy (and with those horrible and unforgivable changes like that Greedo will shoot first or the changing of Jabba the Hutt’s palace brass band, depriving us of the wonderful Lapti Nek).

Sergio Aragonese Y Mark Evanier they had already undertaken it a few years before with the two main American comic book publishers in two parody comics titled, very appropriately, Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC Y Sergio Aragonés Massacres Marveland in darkhorse they did not want to be left behind. So taking advantage of the fact that at that time they had the rights to the comics of starwars, commissioned the authors to create this comic in the style of the previous two although, alas, with a result far below the previous one. What made you laugh in the parodies of Marvel Y DC it was his game with the conventions of the medium, the genre and each character. The heroes and villains of both publishers were the absolute protagonists of those stories, although Aragonés and Evanier were there as part of the plot background. Both served only as a common thread of the global story that linked those of the different characters. In this case, the absolute protagonist is Sergio Aragonés himself who, by the art of birlibirloque, physically enters the computers that are restoring the films of the original Star Wars trilogy and, with his vaunted clumsiness, turns everything upside down. Or that’s what they want to tell us.

In reality, the cartoonist’s alter ego is limited to jumping from one scene to another, supposedly endangering not only the development of the film’s story (as when he escapes from the formation attacking the Star of death to go to a fast food place to eat something), but also the result of the digitization of these films in the real world. Contrary to previous satires of Marvel Y DChere the universe starwars and his characters are treated with an almost reverential respect, avoiding anything that could sound critical or lose the respectability of the creation of george lucas. It is possible that darkhorse would have forced the authors to lower the level of bad blood so as not to bite the hand that fed them? Or was the formula already exhausted after the previous two comics? Whatever the reason, here we have a work of Sergio Aragonese Y Mark Evanier decaffeinated, lacking the mordacity of yesteryear, more a commissioned tribute than a parody with the aim of making the readers laugh (and, why not, also the rest of the creators).

We cannot finish this review without mentioning the edition of comic planet. At the time of publication by darkhorse, this staple comic had a total length of 32 pages (24 of them the comic itself), and a price of $2.95. The Planeta edition has 48 pages: the 24 of the comic, 3 of an article by the translator Ignatius Bentz about the career of the authors that contributes little to what is already vox populi, four pages of advertising, several blank pages, and a hard cover. In total, only half of the volume is comics and the rest is literally straw. And at a price of 12.95 EUR per wing. Very like how ECC Editions has published the destroy DC Y panini the Marvel Massacre. But perhaps the most unfortunate thing about this edition is the paper chosen for its publication: a offset as we have not seen in an edition of this price for a long time, and that is transparent on top. Fine offset bound in cardboard in the XXI century. What we needed to see.

Sergio Aragonés sabotages Star Wars

Those who hope to read in this Sergio Aragonés Sabotages Star Wars a comic in the style of what he did with Marvel Y DC They’re in for a nasty surprise. Not only the content has a considerably lower level than those works (I was fortunate to buy at the time that edition flip book of Forum of 1997 that contained both), but the edition is frankly improvable. A comic that fans have been waiting for more than twenty years (remember that it is unpublished in Spain, we imagine that due to rights issues) deserved an edition to match. Unfortunately, comic planet It has not met the expectations of its readers. We hope that future editions will correct this mess.

Sergio Aragonés sabotages Star Wars – It’s cake time!!!