Seven Sisters


Seven Sisters (What Happened to Monday) paints a not distant Orwellian future, populated by only children and governed by strict government impositions.

We are in 2073, a not too distant future, in a post-apocalyptic world where meteorological catastrophes, overpopulation and resource shortages are devastating the planet. Civil and political tensions, wars and refugees have changed the face of the world A central law, passed to stem the uncontrolled growth of the population, allows families to conceive only one child per nucleus. The rule was instituted by the Bureau of Birth Control, headed by the Dr. Cayman (Glenn Close) which forces the excess children to hibernate.

In this austere and limited context, seven twin sisters, whose mother died in childbirth, struggle to live a normal existence by pretending to be all the same person (a girl named Karen Setman), and alternating in his role in the outside world for a few hours a week. At small Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (all played by Noomi Rapace), bred by not no (Willem Dafoe), it is allowed to leave the house only on the day corresponding to one’s name, with the absolute prohibition of revealing the secret of their family. Hidden for six days a week, disguised in the hours allowed outside, they grow up with no other company than that of their grandfather and sisters, until one of them, precisely on Monday, disappears into thin air. It will be up to the others to investigate the eldest’s disappearance, even if it means going outside the appointed day.

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Seven Sisters Looking for Trouble. In a dystopian world in which the obligation of an only child is enforced with absolute rigour, a family nucleus different from the others moves, free to express itself only within the walls of the house, where Karen Settman, a serious employee, leaves room for seven sisters who each interpret it on a different day of the week. The Norwegian Tommy Wirkoladirector of Hansel & Gretel and a couple of cult films starring Nazi zombies, confidently directs a film that starts as an agonizing portrait of realistic science fiction, and then gives away a couple of well-placed twists and some action scenes and really well choreographed fights. Noomi Rapace he submits himself to a superhuman physical effort and confirms how the body is his main prop and battleground. Seven Sisters it doesn’t bore and entertains; it’s not little. (Mauro Donzelli –

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Seven Sisters: An actress, seven sisters for the seven days of the weekeach with its own character, strengths and weaknesses:

Monday she is extremely intelligent, sophisticated, elegant, strong, calm, ambitious and driven. It is up to her to face the worst day of the week and she is the one who most faithfully represents Karen Settman.

Tuesday smokes joints, is down to earth and a bit new age.

Wednesday she is athletic, feisty, strong, confident, feisty and a great sportswoman.

Thursday she is the rebel of the group. She dreams of freedom, but she loves her sisters deeply and becomes the leader.

Friday she is an introvert, a little genius of technology, mathematics and science. It is the mind behind everything.

Saturday she’s outgoing, a party animal, funny, sassy and, of course, she’s never had to work a day in her life.

Sunday she is kind, understanding, and religious.


Seven Sisters – Movie (2017)