She-Hulk episode 5 was a lot of fun and although it seemed light on references to the comics and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its last scene left us quite excited for the next chapter and one of the credits drawings, related to some sneakers, he left us a lot of material to speculate.

These are all the references we found in episode 5 of she hulk, including Luke Jacobson and a little taste of the expected appearance of Daredevil. Did you find any that we didn’t? Please say it in the comments.

The ‘Vongers

The pirate merchandising of The Avengers got us a good laugh because it reminded us of what we usually see in those real life “all to the thousand” stores, including a Captain America shield with the inverted colors that we have definitely seen over there.

Yes, that’s the Hulk with the disgustingly iconic borat swimsuit.

This purple Hulk reminded us of giant of The Righteous Friendsthe parody of The Avengers that appeared in the Cartoon Network series Dexter’s lab. By the way, don’t you think that these designs are too similar to those of the Marvel products that are sold in Miniso stores?

We're getting to know all the Marvel Universe easter eggs from She-Hulk episode 5, including references to Daredevil, Luke Jacobson, and plenty of sneakers.

The superhero designer

In episode 5 of she hulk we got to meet Luke Jacobson, the superhero costume designer played by Griffin Matthews.


Comic book readers surely know Leo Zelinskywho has been tasked with creating and repairing costumes for villains and superheroes alike, and Ronnie, which made costumes for Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Woman. Luke Jacobson is much more unknown because he appeared in a series of comics that is not as popular.

Luke Jacobson is part of the comic series North Dakota, starring a private detective who has worked with superheroes like Spider-Man and Luke Cage. In the pages, Jacobson is a fashion designer who becomes embroiled in a corporate conspiracy. He is also white and blond.


Daredevil’s new helmet in episode 5 of she hulk

It’s no surprise that “The Man Without Fear” is going to appear in the series, as he has been a part of the trailers. In the last scene of episode 5 of she hulk we could see that Luke Jacobson had in his store the yellow Daredevil helmet, the same color that appeared in his first comics.

We're getting to know all the Marvel Universe easter eggs from She-Hulk episode 5, including references to Daredevil, Luke Jacobson, and plenty of sneakers.

Why is it yellow? It is a tribute to his father. We’ll talk more about it in our article on the episode where Matt Murdock finally appears.

Tennis for everyone!

During the credits of episode 5 of she hulk A fun illustration was spotted as the Pug shows Nikki her collection of superhero-themed sneakers, including some that haven’t officially appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

These are the ones we recognized:

  • Hombre de Hierro
  • Doctor Strange
  • Hulk
  • Ghost Rider
  • Not going
  • namor
  • Electro
  • magnet
  • Man Thing
  • Sentry
  • America Chavez
  • Captain Marvel
  • The Mole (The Thing)
  • dead pool
  • Green Goblin
  • Vision
  • Ms Marvel
  • Cyclops
  • spider-man
  • Black Panther
  • Moon Knight

Do you recognize any more of the sneakers seen in episode 5 of she hulk?

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