Sio, the Italian cartoonist of Youtube

MilanOctober 23, 2014 – 12:45

Simone Albrigi started with the “animated” translations of musical hits. Now about the channel
Scottecs with 600,000 fans and 60 million clicks, new characters are born from his pencil

Of Mark Perna

What effect do popular songs translated with Google Translate have? Apparently they don’t make sense and this makes them potentially fun to build a video with. Thus Simone Albrigi’s adventure on YouTube was born by chance, with the parody of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Sio, as friends on the Net know him, the dad of Scottecs is the comic book character who is finding more and more fans. In fact, Simone’s YouTube channel has almost 600,000 subscribers and 63 million views, numbers that are the envy of prime time TV.

100,000 clicks on debut

“When I was bored at school I used to draw in books and notebooks to pass the time but I didn’t think this passion would one day become my job,” he tells the Courier Simon. “Scottecs was born like this, from a roll of paper with glasses that suddenly came to life and then became my main character”. At first Sio’s comic was called just like the famous toilet paper, but then the growing notoriety of the character forced the author to change the “x” with the final “cs” to avoid copyright problems. Wise operation given that as soon as Scottecs landed on Youtube, the phenomenon boomed. “Since I love to experiment, one day I tried to make a cartoon and I put it on YouTube, in 24 hours it immediately had 100,000 views, a truly unexpected success that changed my life a bit. Thanks to YouTube, I realized that I could make a living doing what I like best: drawing”, says Simone.

From Monty Python to Mickey Mouse

The channel begins to grind successes immediately. Above all, it appeals to a very young audience, but there are not a few adults who appreciate Simone’s comedy, a comedy entirely based on nonsense. “I am the first person who loves to laugh, and I love the English comedy of Monty Python who, at least in part, inspired me along with an old Disney edition called Laugh Mickey Mouse,” says Simone. Sio’s videos are light, funny, sometimes absurd but still funny fairy tales. It is a skilful alchemy between clenched teeth and a very incisive and recognizable pen stroke in the various characters invented by Simone. In addition to the Scottecs Man, the clips in which Doctor Culocane appears, a parody on documentary scientists, and Nonno Laser, a lively old man with superpowers, are very popular.

Even a video game

“My characters are born from an inner search, they usually emerge after I’ve stared at the blank wall for hours and even though many of my fans make requests for me to make other characters I try to remain myself. If I keep having fun, I’m sure they do too”, explains Simone. Often, Sio confesses, he gives up taking jobs in order to have time to publish at least a couple of videos a month on his channel so as not to dissatisfy his audience of followers. Having joined the family of Yam112003, one of the first Italian digital agencies, Simone is not lacking in new projects. In addition to his daily strip on his Facebook page and comic books, Simone has recently started a new YouTube channel in English and is working on his first video game called Super Cane Magic Zero. It is a role-playing game similar to The Legend of Zelda where Coso, the naive protagonist who believes everything he sees on TV, will exploit his stupidity to save the planet and recover the Magic Cane. This video game will be one of the flagship projects of the Eppela crowdfunding platform and will be presented at Lucca Comics on October 30th.

October 23, 2014 | 12:45


Sio, the Italian cartoonist of Youtube