SITP drivers dramatize the intro of the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ and publish it on TikTok, is that why they are late for whereabouts?

The buses of the Bogotá Urban Transport System (SITP) continue to be the scene of viral videos and their drivers, the protagonists. In one of them, for example, three workers can be seen playing Bombón, Burbuja and Bellota, characters from the children’s animated series The Powerpuff Girls.

The recording, published on TikTok three days ago, has more than 49,000 ‘likes’ and 860 comments, evidencing its success. It was shared by one of the drivers, who appears as Tazmania Camargo on this social network, and states in the description of her profile that she loves to make the public laugh because she “makes her soul happy.”

In the video, the hosts dramatize the intro of The Powerpuff Girlsa program that came to television with its first chapter in 1998.

“Sugar flowers and a lot of colors. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl, but Professor Utonium accidentally added another ingredient to the formula: substance X. And that’s how the Powerpuff Girls were born!” says the voiceover of the video. Meanwhile, one of the drivers adds cement to a tray, blocks to prevent vehicles from rolling on a slope, elements of the road kit and the wooden sign with the routes they take.

After stirring the ingredients, the conductors appear who interpret The Powerpuff Girls, one of them running inside the bus, another sitting on the tubes where people hold themselves and another with the kit of triangles used when a vehicle is stranded. At the same time, you hear: “Bombón, Bubble and Acorn dedicate their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil.”

One of the most ‘liked’ comments on the social network says: “And here I am, waiting for the bus”. Also, there are those who ask: “During the interview to start working at the SITP, do they ask if you know how to make a TikTok?” There are also others who ask: “This morning I was late for work to see, was it the fault of Bombón, Burbuja or Bellota?”.

Luisa, another viral host on TikTok

In addition to the three workers, there is a driver who adds thousands of her followers on TikTok for her videos, although they are less funny than theirs.

Her name is Luisa Ramírez and her TikTok account has more than 79,000 fans, which not only highlight its beauty, but also applaud the content around the work of the SITP drivers. Using parody, in some of the clips he reports the physical fatigue involved in driving one of the blue buses that transports hundreds of passengers daily in Bogotá, and in others, what goes through his mind when they get on the system transport some musicians to earn a living.

In some videos, he simply proudly wears his work uniform, while in others, she tells how she got her job as a SITP host. Of course, what they all have in common is that they are set with reggaeton as background music.

On TikTok, which has more than three million views, he is seen driving the bus to leave one of the SITP area patios. “Happy, very happy,” she commented in the description of the video, accompanied by the song Wherever you are I will reachby Alexis and Fido. “You look so fantastic, very authentic, the night is magical, I already feel the chemistry. I’m a fan of your skin, your walk for traffic”says part of the musical success.

Meanwhile, the comments read: “It’s the kind that starts when you run to the whereabouts”, “I admire the girls who manage SITP” and “I’ve seen you, you’re super nice”.

SITP drivers dramatize the intro of the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ and publish it on TikTok, is that why they are late for whereabouts?