Spanish Television once again ignores Encarna Sánchez, the most influential announcer of the entire 20th century

Spanish Television once again belittles the figure of Encarna Sánchez. The program ‘Lazos de sangre’ pays tribute to the radio with three men (Iñaki Gabilondo, Carlos Herrera and Luis del Olmo) and ignores the women communicators. The truth is that the relationship of the Almeria announcer with the state chain became rare after the broadcast of a Tuesday and Thirteen special on New Year’s Eve 1991 in which they parodied her relationship with Isabel Pantoja. That episode caused the presenter’s discomfort.

Spanish Television has decided to ignore and forget again the figure of Encarna Sanchez. The program Blood ties on Sunday November 13 is dedicated to the great names in the history of radio and will focus on the figures of louis del elm, Inaki Gabilondo Y Charles Herrera. Three great myths of the waves but in this trio they have forgotten to add female names that have also marked the evolution of this medium.

It is very striking that it does not appear Encarna Sanchez who was a contemporary of the protagonists of Blood ties and, in addition, he worked with all of them. The woman from Almeria was the pioneer in the fight so that the role of locuturas was not subordinated to that of men. She was the person who opened the door so that other great communicators could evolve the radio medium. names like Julia Otero, Concha Garcia Campoy, Isabel Gemio, Snow Blacksmith, Peppa Well either Angels Barcelolater they gave women the role on the radio that society denied them for years.

The program director, Ludmila Bravo Ujanovaon Twitter showed his joy at the content of the new program: “One of my Blood ties season favourites. Bringing together these three greats of the microphone is not easy. Rivals at the time and now friends, chatting with them has been a professional and personal lesson. And sharing a table with the three of them is a privilege and a moment to remember.”

However, the director of Blood ties don’t have a memory for Encarna Sanchez generation companion of those mentioned or for other women who also marked the radio in Spain. Dismissing Encarna Sánchez as a pioneer in the fight for women to have an important role on Spanish radio has already been heavily criticized on social networks.

This despite the fact that TVE on its website echoed the forthcoming publication of the book embodies raw (The Sphere of Books) by the director of John Louis Galiacho Y Peter Perez, who was a producer for twenty years of Almeria locutura. The aforementioned book explains the complicated relationship between Encarna Sánchez and TVE, especially as a result of the parody of Tuesday and Thirteen on a New Year’s Eve special.

Encarna’s relationship with Spanish Television

Although the announcer always had a cordial relationship with state television, even in the sixties she even presented a biographical program dedicated to little star castrotheir good harmony was broken in the early nineties with Ramon Colom as general director of public television. The reason was the broadcast of the controversial New Year’s Eve special The 92 digs with everything in which Tuesday and 13 used as a common thread the vacations of Encarna and Isabel Pantoja.

As told in the book embodies raw (La Esfera de los Libros), the announcer knew about the program before it was broadcast and tried to paralyze it. “I perfectly remember those sad days. Encarna was very angry. disappointed. She did not understand how Millán and Josema had to make that gag of their intimate life at a New Year’s gala, where families are glued to the television.

Encarna kept telling me “I don’t understand how public television is capable of doing this, a television that we all pay for… It is intolerable… to insinuate something more than a friendly relationship between Isabel and me”. The announcer did not understand it, especially when the duo of comedians was characterized by its white and never offensive scenes. And more, after what she had helped them in the previous parody of her on her, “he explains Peter Perez in the book.

According to the story of Galiacho and Pérez, Encanra contacted the then vice-president of the Government Narcis Serra, a good friend of the announcer in her time in Barcelona. Serra directed Sánchez to contact rose countthen Minister Spokesperson of the Government of Philip Gonzalez. Conde agreed with the locutra to intercede so that the program would not be broadcast.

Encarna Sánchez with Tuesday and Thirteen.

A few days later, on December 27, 1991, it was Ramon Colom, general director of TVE who contacted the journalist. The conversation between the two is reproduced in the book:

“-Good afternoon, Encarna… I inform you that we have already seen what they have told me about the Tuesday and Thirteen program…. And there is no problem for its broadcast according to what the Legal Services tell us…

-No Ramon, no…. not that…that program cannot be broadcast… You have to pick it up, yes or yes… Ramón, you cannot hide behind lawyers. It is a matter of respect and dignity towards women and their private life. Whether they are known or not. I don’t care Ramón what they say… that cannot be broadcast…

– But Encarna… that would be a major scandal. Without prior notice… The fact that Tuesday and Thirteen do not appear on the air would mean the end… the whole world would be on top of us… that would be an even bigger scandal… And the word censorship would be present again after the Franco dictatorship…

– But what bullshit are you telling me, Ramón?… Censorship?… Don’t say any more nonsense, please, …when you’re talking about the freedom of a person’s private life… You who call yourselves socialists and who defend the freedom…. Why don’t you have balls and broadcast a program about your relationships… for example with the one they say is your boyfriend… that young presenter you’ve placed on television? …Fuck you…that would be a scandal…

– Calm down, Encarna, calm down… and don’t talk nonsense… I wouldn’t have done things like that, but I’m not a comedian, nor am I Tuesday and Thirteen… My obligation as director is to defend the program from my position…

-What you are is… (Encarna, raising her voice, dedicated all kinds of expletives to him that it is better to ignore)… Don’t worry, Ramón… Justice will prevent the broadcast.”

Two days later, December 29, 1991, Isabel Pantoja filed a lawsuit in Madrid Court of First Instance No. 50 against TVE and requested precautionary measures for the program not to be broadcast. However, the New Year’s Eve special aired as scheduled on December 31.

Encarna’s anger with Ramón Colom

The famous announcer never forgave the duo formed by Millan Salcedo and Josema Yuste Nor Ramón Coloóm seeing how his relationship with Isabel Pantoja was exposed on public television on New Year’s Eve before a millionaire audience, since the Tuesday and Thirteen specials were especially expected and celebrated by a large part of the audience.

Ramon Colom.

“The matter reached the Congress of Deputies. The PP deputy Luis Ramallo Garciapresident of the Control Commission of Radio Televisión Española, directly accused Ramón Colom and TVE of not respecting the Statute of the Public Entity nor what is embodied in the Constitution, by attacking the honor, image and privacy of Encarna Sanchez and Isabel Pantoja“, they tell Juan Luis Galiacho and Pedro Perez in embodies raw.

The authors recall that from that moment “the announcer unearthed the hatchet and hardened her criticism towards those she believed were to blame for the public lynching suffered on Spanish Television. In a program followed by more than ten million viewers. Neither more or less. He pointed out the duo Martes y Trece as the target of his poisoned dart, especially Millán Salcedo, the doubtful and fearful Ramón Colom and some other minister of the socialist government of Felipe González, because he considered “that they betrayed her and did not keep their word… they left her alone and thrown away”.

To Ramón Colom, from the microphone of COPE, Encarna “whenever he could, he returned with truthful data his disastrous management at the head of Televisión Española during the years he was as director where he left a hole (better a hole) of millions of pesetas or of euros”. The general director of TVE took Encarna Sánchez to court. But the Justice dismissed the complaint of the boss of the public chain, since they considered that what the journalist had was documented.

Although Ramón Colom even wrote an article in frames where he claimed to have made peace with Encarna before he died, Pedro Pérez in the aforementioned book makes it clear: “The announcer died without forgiving them. She never made peace with Millán, Josema and Ramón Colom, no matter how much the former director of the chain tried to calm and pacify her conscience years later with false publications. The announcer never wanted to know more about “Ramoncito, the one with the back door” or “Ramona”, as she called him.

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Spanish Television once again ignores Encarna Sánchez, the most influential announcer of the entire 20th century