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Normally November and December are the most ideal dates to release films on Christmas and related themes. Each production, whether it is a series or a movie, anticipates the December dates and the values ​​that film and television usually try to emulate with their respective stories. Although each narrative seems different, they usually always tend to repeat substantial details or situations, as with superhero films or romantic comedies.

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In each Christmas feature film there is always a family, a couple, a couple of friends, two strangers or an infant and an animal, through fortuitous events of fate the protagonists will be forced to face situations where love, union or family They will be tested to finish everything in the middle of Christmas or Christmas Eve. Although they follow a formula, each production has always stood out for implementing unique details. The Grinch – 53%, slam Christmas – 60%, Iron Man 3 – 79%, Hard to Kill – blank92%, Last Christmas: Another chance to love – 53%, Black Christmas – 52%, Gremlins – blank85%, Krampus: The Christmas Horror – 65%, Scrooge’s Ghosts – 54% either The Christmas Chronicles – 68% They have been able to bring different perspectives to the subgenre. what adds Spirited- 73%?

Directed by sean andersbased on the work of Charles Dickens write john morris next to himself sean anders, Spirited takes place with a musical version of the Charles Dickens story of a miserable misanthrope who is taken on a magical journey.

On the one hand, the film does not fall or lose interest despite having a fairly simple premise with dancers who fill the screen with little direction, with the above there is little criticism, since the performances of ryan reynolds Y Will Ferrell They carry the weight of the entire narrative. He does a great reinterpretation of A Christmas Carol from Dickens, while grounding you into the modern age with a message about being a good person in dark and difficult times.

In addition, he knows what the virtues of his actors are and makes the most of them, from his protagonists to his secondary ones. He has a lot of creative pieces that he knows how to manage to surprise despite being a well-known and formulaic story. It may not break the internet or send a wave of trends, but it still delivers on entertaining and delivering a classic Christmas lesson. Something that stands out is the chemistry and sympathy of the leading actors.

Here the reviews of Spirited- 73%:

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Diego Lererof micropsia:

…is a film about the difficulties and complications of trying to be a good person in an increasingly violent, cruel and divided world. And, in that sense at least, Dickens –or Christmas, in its secular interpretation– has not lost anything topical…

Peter Debrugeof Variety:

Anders makes shrewd use of his co-stars’ stellar characters, contrasting Ferrell’s straightforwardness with Reynolds’ relatively mocking sensibilities. And he has a secret weapon in Octavia Spencer, who is honesty personified.

Richard Roperof Chicago Sun Times:

Although this is “A Christmas Carol” told from a different angle, it is still “A Christmas Carol.” With Ferrell and Reynolds achieving the perfect mix of hipster comedy with genuine sincerity, and the musical numbers that work as parody but also as entertainment.

Brian Tallericoof rogerebert.com:

“Spirited” is a hard movie to criticize. There’s a “let’s put on a show” energy to the performances of Reynolds, Ferrell, and Spencer that’s easy to like.

pete hammondof Deadline:

Filling the screen with a boatload of dancers and giving them little direction except to keep moving frantically doesn’t impress, but thankfully also doesn’t distract from a Christmas movie very conscious of what it wants to be and where it wants to go.

Nick Allenof Playlist:

“Spirited” is one of those films with numerous creative choices that are inspired not only by the Christmas spirit of the lyrics, but also by the desire to put on a good show. When “Spirited” has so many of its ornate set pieces in sync, it can be a joyous cinematic treat…

Jude Dryof indiewire:

“Spirited” is sure to send ripples of joy this holiday season. While it may not cause any waves, it’s enough to spread some good cheer.

Amy Amatangeloof Paste Magazine:

Reynolds and Ferrell get along very well; they have so much fun that it’s hard not to get sucked into it. Spencer’s singing is perhaps a little less polished than her co-stars, but I liked it because when Kimberley sings, she really sounds like someone starting to sing.

Kristy Puchkoof mashable:

Unfortunately, Anders disappoints every performance with directing that is utterly baffling. Repeatedly, he favors medium shots that cut dancers at the waist, losing the graceful footwork that he could mesmerize. The moving camera of him flashes past the choreographed troupe, not allowing us to savor his mastery of movement…

Clayton Dillardof Slant Magazine:

If Spirited were a covert satire of, say, public relations strategies in an age of increasingly hostile online cultures, this brand of referentiality might at least make thematic sense, but the movie is nothing more than a mishmash of contemporary comic ideas. half-formed loosely grafted onto Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

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Spirited | Top critics, reviews and ratings | tomatoes